Food prep 7/16

16 07 2017

Food prep’s ongoing at our house.  But it’s been revolutionized and is so incredibly easy.  Thanks so much to for their prep notes.  I’ve been able to create prep notes for each meal, including the day before note (remove meat from freezer and thaw in fridge) and up to five days before (chop green pepper).  I was struggling to figure all of this out, and it does it for me.

I totally adore Plan to Eat, and can’t say enough about it.  It’s a website that makes meal planning so completely easy.  It’s easy to plan meals, it’s really easy to save recipes, and the website makes your shopping list.  You can customize your list however you want.  Lately I’ve been dividing it into produce and canned goods rather than stores, but it works either way.

You can try Plan to Eat free for 30 days, and a yearly subscription is 40 bucks.  On Black Friday, it’s 50% off.  Guess when I renew my subscription?  Tell ’em I sent you:  (I don’t think I get anything for referrals, except the warm fuzzy feeling of helping out a fellow meal planner).

Today’s meal prepping took about an hour, and coincided with making dinner.  I chopped green and red peppers and a red onion for pork kebabs for Friday, and green pepper and celery for stir fry on Wednesday.  I made two steak cobb salads for my lunches (steak, hard boiled eggs, lettuce, tomatoes, and dressing on the side.)  I made two cheese plates for my lunches as well (Havarti cheese, hard boiled eggs, celery sticks, and grapes to be eat with thin pretzels).  I have a leftover chicken stir fry from Saturday (chicken teriyaki bites, broccoli, and rice).  Dinner was salmon made in the crock pot, and there’s a generous plenty for the Hubster’s lunches.  I got out ground beef for tomorrow’s dinner (taco salad).  I cut up strawberries for dessert.  We will feast this week.

This week’s menu:

Monday: taco salad

Tues/Thurs:  leftovers

Weds:  skillet super

Fri: pineapple pork kebabs

Sat:  hamburgers

Sun:  roasted chicken in the crock pot

Workout schedule:

Mon:  7 am HIIT on treadmill/half circuit weights/bike

Tues:  elliptical/Ilvermony workout

Weds:  7 am HIIT treadmill/circuit/bike

Thurs:  something different/Ilvermony workout

Fri:  7 AM HIIT/bike

Sat:  bike

Sun:  bike/circuit


Soon, I need to figure out how to work mindfulness/yoga into my routine.  Tonight I’ll start by listening to my meditation tape.





Summertime and the food prep is easy

4 06 2017

Hubster is off for the summer, for the most part.  Hubster is a teacher, and the kids are done until August.  He, however, has to do a bunch of stuff this week as well as training here and there in the summer.

So what does that mean for food prep?
It means that I don’t have to food prep for lunches for Hubster.  It means that I am going to switch around our food plan for the summer completely.

Instead of slow cooker Tuesdays, we’re going to have slow cooker Sundays.

Instead of grilled or baked meat on Sundays, we’re going to grill a couple of times during the week.

I have a couple of really wonderful slow cooker cookbooks that I used a while ago and set aside.  They are called The French slow cooker and the Italian slow cooker, by Michele Sciolone.  I highly recommend them.  I will be making some wonderful, garlicky chicken soon.

I didn’t do any food prep today.  We had take out Chinese yesterday, and there’s plenty for several lunches.  We have leftover spaghetti from Friday, which will do for a lunch or two.  We had pot roast tonight, and that’ll make at least one dinner also (French dip).

I had a bunch of carrot sticks made already, and tomorrow we’ll have tacos.  It’ll be awesome.  It’ll also make some nice leftovers.

We’re actually going out a couple of times this week.  One night, we’ll be attending the showing of The Princess Bride.  One night, we’re attending an awards dinner.

This has actually complicated my workout plan for the week, but I shall persevere.

Here’s what the week looks like.

Monday:  taco salad

Tuesday:  leftovers

Weds:  unknown (pizza?  pot roast leftovers?)

Thurs:  steak

Fri:  French dip

Sat:  hamburgers

For workouts:

Monday:  elliptical

Tuesday:  walk

Weds:  circuit training (early in the day if possible, or leave work early and do it)

Thursday:  walk (early in the day)

Friday:  bicycle

Saturday:  walk at Great Strides

Sunday:  circuit and mow lawn

No food prep Mother’s Day 2017

14 05 2017

No food prep for today.
We actually bought meals from Hello Fresh some time ago, and our delivery was delayed by UPS.  I complained, and Hello Fresh gave us a free week.  I highly recommend the customer service.

However, it took a bit to find a week of meals that I liked.  Last week was that week.  We got our first (and last) deliver last Weds.  We made two of the three meals already, with the third one coming Monday.  So no need to food prep for dinner that day.

We also have plenty of leftovers from last week, so there wasn’t a big need for food prep.

I do need to cut up some strawberries.  But that is truly about all I needed to do.

So here’s the week plan:

Monday:  panko chicken from Hello Fresh

Tuesday: leftovers

Wednesday:  steak and noodles

Thursday:  leftovers

Friday Taco salad

Saturday:  teriyaki chicken bowls



Monday:  cycle  (post for Ilvermony points)

Tuesday:  walk

Weds:  Circuit  and video:

Thurs:  walk

Fri:  elliptical

Sat:  walk

Sun:  qi gong and circuit




Food prep and week plan May 7

7 05 2017

It’s a beautiful May day here, and we’ve been busy.

On Sundays, we try to go to QiGong, and we went today.  Good thing, because the instructor is taking a leave this summer and we’ve only got two more weeks of QiGong until fall.

Then Hubster does Tai Chi, and I do the circuit.  We come home, eat lunch, and then mow the lawn.

After all that, I do meal prep for the week, and planning for the week as well.

I have pretty much quit taking pictures of my food prep, as it seems that I make the same thing over and over.  Ah well.

Today, I cut up celery and carrots for sticks.  I cooked a lot of chicken for dinner, and made two chicken broccoli cups (chicken, broccoli, shredded carrot, and chopped pecan in a yogurt/ranch dressing.  I made tomorrow’s lunch from last night’s leftovers.  I have a lot of chicken to make dinner on Wednesday, which for me is the goal of meal prep.

I made two meat loaves.  Hubster likes meat loaf.  I don’t, but I like him, so I make him what he likes.  One’s in the fridge ready for the crock pot on Tuesday, and one’s in the freezer for later.

I made homemade granola.  So very tasty, and it makes the house smell so very good.

This week is going to be a normal week at work. I have one monitor visit, and no study visits planned.  It’s a good thing.

Here’s the workout plan:
Monday-walk and 3 sets of Ilvermony workout

Tuesday-yoga with cats at Simply Cats

Wednesday-circuit and elliptical




Sunday-qi gong and circuit

For Ilvermony, I need to do 3 hours of relaxing things (I have crocheting to do), eat a rainbow of foods, get 10 miles in walking, and declutter a room along with untangling a bunch of book titles.

Food for the week:

Monday-beef skillet supper

Tuesday-crock pot meatloaf

Weds-chicken and noodles




Sun-dinner out


Food prep April 9

9 04 2017

I’ve been doing food prep off and on, just not taking pictures.  It kind of seems boring to take pictures of the same stuff, week in and week out.  Well, not the exact same, but close.

For food prep, I mostly cut up veggies.  Veggies for stir fry.  Veggies for lunches and dinners.  Veggies for snacking.  I feel like if I’ve put all that effort into cutting them up, I’m more likely to eat them.

A gal can dream, can’t she?

I’m slowly moving from a weekly food prep to a rolling food prep, which is why I usually only cut up veggies on Sundays.

Example:  yesterday we went out to dinner to Kyoto Steakhouse.  It’s one of those fun places where they cook your meal on a grill right in front of you, and you get to watch the performance.  Our chef was quite the performer.  It was truly delicious food, although Hubster and I noted that the portions are a bit smaller than last time we came here.  Nevertheless, I managed to hold back some of my yummy steak and fried rice.  That’s lunch for tomorrow.

Tonight’s dinner was chicken almond ding:  cut up broccoli, carrots, cauliflower, chicken, rice, and toasted almonds.  So very yummy.  Making a ton of veggies for this stir fry ensures leftovers for lunches later in the week.  I also set aside some of the veggies to supplement tomorrow’s lunch, and also added some of the rice I made for the stir fry.  Tomorrow’s lunch is a feast of steak, veggies, a bit of fried rice, and a bit of rice.

I had enough leftover to dish into three separate dishes.  We have incredibly busy days two days a week, where we are running around like crazy people.  Hubster teaches Tae Kwon Do on those nights as well.  So now I have yummy leftovers that can be easy dinner or easy lunch.  Just three of them, so I need some more.

Hubster loves a salad that they make at his school.  I’ve replicated it:  red kidney beans, cheese, chopped green peppers, green onions, lettuce, and a hard boiled egg. I made two of these for him.  With these two lunches and three chicken almond ding lunches and one steak feast leftover, I have 6 meals made up for the 14 that we need.  (Lunches for two M-F, dinners for two T, Th.)

I love a simple lunch of cheese and grapes and things.  I made two of those for my lunches.  So very easy, and yet so decadent.  That gets me up to 8 meals.

Actually then I remember that I don’t have to pack a lunch for Tuesday, as we get fed at clinic.  Down to 13 meals, with 8 of them already made.

Dinner tomorrow will be taco salad.  It will be very easy to make leftovers for at least two meals, so there’s 10 meals figured out.

I have a slice of pizza available.  I’m pretty sure Hubster won’t find it in the fridge.  It’s actually not hidden, but he’s not likely to grab it.  So, quite honestly, there’s the 11th meal.

Dinner Wednesday night will be spaghetti.  Again, it’s really easy to make leftovers.  That rounds off the leftovers count.

Quite honestly, I’m pretty sure Hubster buys lunch at school, so I probably don’t even really need to count his lunches in the leftovers.  It does make me feel good to give him a fresh lunch and save him some $.

For the record, today I cut up strawberries, cauliflower, broccoli, carrots, and cantaloupe.  I washed grapes and tomatoes and the like.  I tore lettuce for salads.  I made a baked omelet for breakfast, so we even have some easy breakfast items.

On Sundays we do Qi Gong together.  It’s a stretching movement that you sync with your breath.  I’m not exactly sure what the difference is between Qi Gong and Tai Chi.  Hubster does both. I lift weights after Qi Gong.  It makes for a very full Sunday morning.

Then we run errands and come home to finish the house chores:  empty the garbage and the kitty litters.

It’s spring, but not quite warm enough to mow, although the lawn definitely needs it.  That’ll probably be added to next weekend’s chores.

Here’s the week ahead’s workouts:

Monday: elliptical or bike

Tuesday:  walk

Weds:  circuit

Thurs:  walk

Fri:  bike or rest

Sat: walk

Sun:  rest (gym is closed) OR get our bikes out and ride.


Food prep Sunday 12 Feb

12 02 2017

It’s been a day of food prep and learning new skills.  I am not taking pictures, though, as I think you know what a roasted chicken looks like.

I roasted a chicken for dinner and it smells divine.  It will feed us at least one more dinner, and probably a lunch or two.

I cut up celery sticks.

I made quinoa and hard boiled eggs.

I made four smoothies for the freezer, and froze some half and half that we weren’t using as quickly as I thought we would.  Would rather freeze it than throw it away.

I roasted vegetables for dinner:  carrots, cauliflower, and asparagus.  So delish.  I thought I’d have leftovers, but it was so good that I ate two servings. I do have cauliflower cut up for later.

I figured out how to use my new food processor, and made lovely carrot circles for roasting.  I also shredded green and red cabbage in the food processor, and grated carrots.  We had Chinese last night, so we’ve got two lunches for leftovers.

I’ll make an Asian quinoa salad for three lunches, as I have a lovely quantity of the ingredients.

I just realized that I’ve pretty much got everything cleaned up, and I don’t have the potatoes and carrots cut up for Tuesday’s crock pot beef stew.  It shouldn’t take much time, though, so I’ll do them tomorrow night.  There’s not much room in the fridge due to my stock up of yummy yogurts today.

Plus, I finally won at Ibotta.  It’s an app, and you save money at the grocery store with it (and other stores).  I saved $2.75 (well, for rebates) and got an extra $4 in bonuses.  Sweet!  Sign up for Ibotta and use my referral code:  efnm9w and we’ll both get rewards.

Tomorrow will be a busy day.

I need to:  pick up form for husband

get some serious stuff done at work:  finish charting, get equipment out of my office, put things out for CE to check.  Then after work, circuit and home for hamburgers.  After dinner, cut up carrots and potatoes and get stew meat out of the deep freeze.  And make a small chocolate cake.




Meal prep is bacccckkkkkk

15 01 2017

Yep, we’re back doing food prep and taking pictures of the prep. I’ve been doing food prep off and on. I’ve found, though, that I really need to map out food prep on paper. I’m old school, I guess. I can put stuff on the web, but it sticks in my head better if I write it down.

I spent a lot of time prepping today.  I started fairly early, and made wild rice and hardboiled eggs.  I made a breakfast omelet this morning, and we’ll eat the leftovers for the week.

I chopped celery, lettuce, and a red onion.  From top left:  celery sticks, red onion, English peas, romaine lettuce, baked omelet, baby carrots, chopped carrots and celery for Wednesday’s stir fry, and sliced green pepper.


I made two Western salads for hubster, with red kidney beans, cheese, red onion, chopped green peppers, cherry tomatoes, chopped lettuce, and a hard boiled egg.  Hubster will take a small container of his favorite dressing.



I seeded a few pomegranates.  I can eat these arils by themselves, but they are so tasty in a salad.wp-1484538317581.jpg

I used the arils to put together a couple of really tasty salad meals.  Wild rice, baked chicken, cherry tomatoes, lettuce, English peas, and pomegranate.  I’ll eat this with a splash of lemon juice.  So tasty.


This is my protein/veggie box.  Hard boiled egg, Havarti cheese, cherry tomatoes, celery sticks, and sliced green peppers.  Will eat these with either Trader Joe’s three cheese crackers or pretzels.


Last but not least.  We had steak for dinner, and had a lovely amount of leftovers.  I plan leftovers with Sunday meals at the very least (most dinners we eat give us leftovers, but Sunday dinners are planned with extra meat to eat at another dinner later in the week).


The rest of the menu:

Monday–beef stuffed shells (from the freezer–I make one dish and divide it into thirds and freeze two of them)


Wednesday–chicken stir fry


Friday–steak sandwiches

Saturday -taco pie (also from the freezer)

Workouts for the week:






Saturday–protest march downtown



It’s going to be a busy week, with several study visits and a new study starting!  Yay!



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