Doing it over….again

10 03 2012

But as long as I keep working and keep doing, I’ll keep doing over as much as is needed.

So last week I succumbed to the little voice in my head that denies that there is no magic pill for weight loss.  Even though I know that the key to weight loss is exercise and diet, still my inner brat insists that there has to be an easier way.  Or weigh.

I bought Sensa at Costco.  It was on major sale, so I figured I’d try it for a week or two and see.  I shook it on everything I ate one day, and was totally miserable with stomach cramps and diarrhea.  I kept checking the ingredients and there doesn’t appear to be anything in it that is harmful, so I gave my stomach a rest and tried it again two days later.  Same story.  I cut down the amount and used a bit of it the next day, and when weighing myself noticed I’d gained three pounds in four days.  That, more than anything, convinced me that I am not going to use this.  I must go back to the diet and exercise way.

I have noticed this week, also, that I eat a lot at work, and I eat a lot of sugar.  I will post my “new” diet plan tomorrow.  It is late and the time change always throws me.  Good night.


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