4 04 2012

So, my younger child is about to graduate from high school.  I will call her the Ninja.

My older child is working in Phoenix.  He will be called the Pirate. 

The Pirate has a girlfriend, the Wench.  She and he are very well matched. 

The Ninja broke up with her boyfriend in February.

The Ninja will go into electrical engineering in either Rochester or San Jose, depending on the financial aid package. 

We just got Ninja’s senior pictures taken. Yes, we know it’s April.  We have not bought her graduation announcements because we were out of money in December and evidently that was the only time we could order.  I am hoping that we can get at least one copy for her scrapbook. We will make graduation announcements with the senior pics. We should have the proofs by the end of this week. 

But here’s the thing.  Ever so often I am struck by the thought that the Ninja will be gone in just over four months. 

The Pirate is self sufficient.  He and the Wench accept care packages from time to time, but honestly….they don’t really need me.  He has a job and while money gets tight, he makes a pretty good salary. 

The Ninja needs a little more, like laundry and food support, but otherwise is also pretty self sufficient. 

But shorty she will be gone. 

And then what will I do? 

I don’t really know.

What will I do when I don’t have to rush home to make dinner for Husband and Ninja? 

What will I do when I don’t have to rush into Ninja’s bedroom to make sure she’s awake and getting ready for school? 

How quiet will the house be without her? 

We’ve gotten a taste of the quiet as the Ninja goes on trips for school.  But there is always the knowledge that she’ll be back in a day or two or three. 

I don’t mean to sound melancholy, as I’m not, really.  It is time for her to go. 

I just don’t know what to do when she’s gone.


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