Memorial Day Musings

28 05 2012

So, Memorial Day.  Official start of summer.  Or is it unofficial?  I can never remember.  Truth is, Memorial Day in my little corner of the world is usually cold and rainy.  It is bucking the trend today, being sunny and mid 70s.  But the rain came on the weekend and it would have been a miserable weekend to camp.

The Ninja has officially graduated from high school, 11 days ago, and is having all kinds of fun working on cleaning out her room, staying up late, and sleeping until noon.

She has chosen University of Rochester as her school, and we depart in August.  I hope like anything I am the one who will get to take her to school.  I will be missing several study visits that week, but that week with my daughter will be more than worth it.

The Hubster is officially unemployed.  His position at the school has been eliminated.  I am not at all sure I understand why, but he’s a PTE teacher and they needed another math teacher, so they took his .67 FTE and got a .33 FTE increase and voila, a full time math teacher is to be had.  I wish like anything I had voted “no” in the last levy, as evidently the money is not going to be spent faithfully.  Who needs a computer applications/economics teacher in these times?


The Pirate and his Wench are doing the work of introducing their two chinchillas.  They are both boys, and territorial.  I have it on their authority that it is the easier of introductions, but I am not sure why.

I have been sidelined with a sinus infection, and just today am feeling like I can stay awake for more than 6 hours.  Unfortunately the antibiotics are taking their toil.  Sigh.

My health eating has definitely been sidelined as well.  Nothing has tasted good for more than a week.

However, a new month is almost upon us.  I will persevere.  My healthy goals for the time period June 1-June 22:

1. Eat 9 servings of fruits and vegetables a day

2. Go to bed by 11 pm, for at least 7 hours of sleep

3. When well, go back to exercise plan:  2 days running, 1 day CorePower, and at least 2 days of elliptical or walking.



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