Things I am going to do with my empty nest

12 07 2012

I can’t say I am really looking forward to an empty nest, because I will miss my daughter when she leaves.  I am looking forward to the adventure that she’s going to have, and I am looking forward to the adventure of taking her to college.

However, I can’t deny that she’s leaving, and after I get home on August 25th, I will need to find something to do with my empty nest.  I wish I could say I have huge plans for her room but I don’t.  I don’t have any plans for that room until she’s pretty much gone for good.  Even then, I just think her room will be a great guest room.

I would like to get the exercise equipment out of the family room, since it’s not being used.  No elliptical, no weight lifting.  I know hubby likes it there, but he’s not using it.  I would just as soon sell the elliptical.  We could take it to a sporting good resale store but that would mean hauling the thing.  There’s nothing wrong with it, I just stick to an exercise program better at the gym.

I would love to make the family room a reading room, with a couch or futon in front of the fireplace.  One side could have the guitars and music stand.  Just gotta convince DH is all…sigh.

I have a telescope that I have rarely used.  I want to get it out, get the manual out, and learn how to use it.  And actually gaze at some stars.

I want to become a runner again.  I want to run another half marathon.  Haven’t picked one yet, but I will.  I think it will take at least six months so I’ll look for a spring one.

I want to finish up some of my craft projects.  I have an afghan for the Ninja that needs to be finished but I don’t think it will happen before she goes to New York.  But I can finish it up later.

I want to get back to journalling.  I can do it online, but I just am not very good at maintaining a blog.

I want to cut our grocery bill way down, and find a menu for two people on line.  Maybe I’ll just have to create one.  Right now I have almost gotten it down, cooking for three.  I try to have some leftovers but often I have too much.  I’ll work on that.

I want to re-learn portion control and will probably join Weight Watchers.

I want to lose weight, but more importantly, I want to get and stay healthy.  Eating fruits and vegetables is still rather a chore, but it’s getting better with all the yummy summer fruits.

My house is fairly decluttered, except for the spare bedroom that is used as an office.  I would like to get that thing cleaned out.  I would like to get that little computer thingie that converts all your receipts and things so they are easily stored on your computer.

I would like to clip coupons again, but I’m not sure I will need the stock pile as much.  I am finding that some things I stockpiled last year need to be given away soon.  I have way too much in the way of muffin mix, cake mix, and frosting.  Who knew that could happen?   I also have plenty of cleaning supplies, which is nice.

I would like to go out and splurge on really nice sheets and towels, just one set.

I would like to pay off all our bills and actually have some money left at the end of the week.

But on the other hand, I want to make sure both my kids have everything they need.

I would like to pick up a camera and actually know what to do with it.

Oh, the lists, they can get so long.  I will stop here….or I’ll never stop.  Good night, all.


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