New Year’s Resolutions

26 01 2013

Yes, I know it’s January 26.  But this year I had a fear that if I posted my resolution, I’d never get it done.  Possibly because that’s EXACTLY what I’ve done in the last several years.

So….drum roll please……my ONE resolution for 2013 is this:
I resolve to take care of myself. Or take care of me.

Yeah, I’m a caregiver, I care for a lot of people (family, friends, patients), but me, myself, and I have always been on the bottom of the “care for” list.

This will change in 2013.  I have already started.

For one thing, the 100 days challenge (see previous post).  As of TODAY, I have exercised 26 straight days for at least 30 minutes.  I’ve put in 933 fitness minutes.  I’ve exercised in 16 degree weather (yes, outdoors, the New Year’s fun run on 1/1/) and at 11 pm at night (do not recommend).  I’ve done walks outside and on the treadmill, hours on the elliptical, and videos at home that completely kick my butt (yoga and belly dancing).

Despite all that, I do not feel all that fit.  So I’m stepping it up effective Feb. 2.  I just signed up for the Pounds Plunge at the YMCA.  It’s four weeks of team training and some personal training, group workouts, and challenges.  Sounds good to me.

I signed up for a DietBet game (you bet that you can lose 4% of your body weight in 28 days) but I’m stuck at the halfway mark.  I may not lose the rest of the weight by Feb. 3.  I’ll still give it the ol’ Dixie try, because I don’t quit.

So, new challenge starting today:  Keep track of all the food I eat.  I already do a very good job of drinking water, and I do a so-so job of eating enough fruits and vegetables.  But I suck at keeping track of my food, and that changes today.  I was going to start this tomorrow, but if I start today I can combine rewards for exercise and keeping track of food.

IF I continue to struggle with weight loss, I will consider joining Weight Watchers.  I may just need that little extra kick of accountability.  I am going to give myself 10 days on the food tracking before I decide.

We are going to buy some new furniture for the house.  I have plans to declutter and deep clean most of the house so we end up with a peaceful, welcoming home.  I want more houseplants (and indoor fruit trees).

I really want to overhaul our back yard, get rid of the hot tub since we don’t use it at all, add potted plants for the deck, and a swing with an awning.  More bird feeders, bird boxes on the shed, and lots of garden to work in.  More lavender and a new rosemary bush (my old one expired some years ago).

As for the birds, I have a couple of bird feeders and I have grown to love watching the little finches and sparrows eat.  My sister is a birder and very knowledgeable about them.  I am grateful to have her as a resource.  I haven’t wanted to make a big deal of my interest, because I didn’t want to reveal my ignorance, but I think I’ve asked enough questions that she’s aware I am looking and asking.

Last year I caught a hummingbird feeding on my clematis, so this year I am adding a hummingbird feeder to my yard.  Have to figure out where to put it where the cats can’t reach (not that they could actually catch a hummingbird, but still).  The hummingbird feeder is on my reward list.

As to the rewards, I reward myself for the following exercise days:  5, 10, 20, 25, 30, 40, 50, 60, 70, 75, 80, 90, and 100.  I will do the same timing of rewards for keeping track of food.  My rewards are generally small things, not very expensive.  Today I bought some fancy bird seed for my feeders and spent under 10 bucks.  I think my priciest reward so far has been new earphones (at $12).  I’ll keep that up.

Off to make broccoli soup for dinner. Onward!




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