Heavens, my count is off.

21 02 2013

Although I posted last that my next “take care of myself” goal would be 5 fruits and veggies a day, I’ve changed my mind.  I struggle much more with late night snacking.  So my next goal (started yesterday) is to quit eating 2 hours before bedtime. 

So far so good. 

I got off track with my workout counting, and keeping track counting.  I’ve now completed 53 workouts and 27 days of keeping track of my food.

I feel I’m in a rut, exercise wise.  I need to get some shoes for Zumba and that will help, but I also need to:

1. Add strength training (I LOVE TRX, but the Y only seems to have classes at 6 am!  Not.happening.) As soon as I’m done with Pounds Plunge, I will be able to take the 4:30 M/W class at the West Y, but I need to get started on strength training sooner.  Next week would be good.

2.  Add yoga/flexibility training.  So stiff.

3.  Make a calorie goal.  I’ve been aiming for less and achieving it, but now I need to find a goal and stick to it.  It helps that I have a BMI calculator on my phone that also tells me my BMR.  Alas, as I get older, I need fewer calories.

4.  I am considering a tracker thingie called FitBit.  You wear it most of the day and it calculates how many calories you burn and how well you sleep.  I am intrigued by it, but it’s just expensive enough that I feel I need to earn it. 





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