Weekend warrior workout

25 08 2013

What a difference a week makes.

I got up this morning, ready to go do my miles.  I ate my Cheerios and then yogurt and granola.  I bought some of those Belvita biscuits also, and had one.  I didn’t realize that there were 4 biscuits in the package.

It’s cooler here this week, and that made a huge difference.  I got out an hour earlier and that helped a lot. 

I also did a different route.  That also helped.  There was a bunch more shade on this part of the Greenbelt. 

The first hour was fine.  I did a nice few 17:30 miles.  I started to lag at the 4 mile mark, but was determined to keep up the pace.  So I did day 1 of week 1 of C25K, walking for 5 minutes and then running for 60 seconds/walking for 90.  That got me through a couple of miles.  By this point, though, I was in a stretch of Greenbelt without shade.  I was going to go another mile and turn around, but it was hot enough and noon, so I simply finished the mile and turned around there, and headed back to the shade.  I walked to the shadiest part, and then turned back to where I was and did the mile I’d cut short.  By this time, I was getting pretty tired.  I kept messing up the stopwatch on my phone, so I am not really sure of my splits.

I just listened to my music and tried to make sure my legs were moving.

I didn’t really hit the wall until I left the Greenbelt to go to my car.  I just suddenly got really tired. 

So, just under 4 hours, and 13.3 miles.

Came home, grabbed a shower, ate something, and watched the hubster poop scoop and mow the lawn.  I love watching him work.  Especially when he’s doing my chores. 

I rested for a bit, then started food prep.  I cut up strawberries and a cantaloupe, and washed raspberries.  We got dinner cooked, and I finished the food prep by fixing 7 salads in jars, and cut up carrot sticks and green pepper slices.  Hubster will have a salad tomorrow with leftover steak, and I’m going to have goulash and celery, carrot, and green pepper sticks.  I have my smoothie made for the morning, and my midmorning yogurt and berries. 

I also got the kitchen cleaned up including sweeping, folded three loads of laundry, and vacuumed.  I have my purse cleaned out and my gym bag packed. 

It’s a good weekend.  And ready for the week ahead.


Today’s training

17 08 2013

I’m doing a race in September:  http://www.doublerobie.com.

I’m actually doing the Aldape Challenge, which is 16.6 miles.

My training has been derailed the past couple of weeks by sinusitis and smoke in the valley.  Today, however, I woke up feeling good.  I did dawdle quite a bit and got out much later than I planned.

The plan was for 12 miles but I bonked at 5.5.  I made it to 7.3 miles but those last few were brutal.

However, I bought a bunch of new music and that really helped.  Here’s what I added to my phone this week:

Green Day  Boulevard of Broken Dreams

Weird Al    I Lost on Jeopardy

Weird Al      Yoda

Guns N Roses    You Could be Mine

3 Doors Down       Kryptonite

Pearl Jam       Alive

Golden Earring    Radar Love

Jimi Hendrix        Fire

a-ha   Take on Me

Disney movie    Hakuna Matata

Movie     Accidentally in Love

10 cc The Things we do for Love

Meat Loaf    Hot Patootie   Bless My Soul

Susan Sarandon   Touch A Touch A Touch Me

The Animals   Don’t Let me be Misunderstood

Patty Smyth Goodbye to You

Green Day    21 Guns

Here’s my splits.  I walked almost the whole way this time.


1:  17:29

2:  16:20

3:  18:02

4:  18:19


6:  19:41

7:  19:50

8:  19

My exercise level was pretty decent this past week, but I was ill last week and didn’t get much done.

So the plan is for this week:

Cycle Sunday

Elliptical and circuit Monday

Walk Tuesday (hills)

Elliptical and circuit  Wednesday

Walk Thursday (hills)

Rest Friday

13 miles Sunday



16 08 2013

I went to Costco this afternoon after work.  It actually was a pretty decent time to go. I kept to my list, and felt very efficient. 

67% of the shopping done, and 75% of the budget spent.  We are right on track. 

One more store.  I may get it done on Sunday.  Tomorrow is long run day.


Part one grocery shopping

15 08 2013

I decided to do some of the grocery shopping tonight. 

To prep for the month’s grocery shopping, I cleaned out the deep freeze and cleaned out the fridge.  I thought I’d clean out the pantry, but it’s really in pretty good shape. 

I keep a piece of paper on the fridge and note when we run out of things.  That helps a lot. 

I made the menu for the next 6 weeks.  Yep, I have dinners planned from now until October 6.  After I made the menu, I listed all the meat we needed.  I found a bunch of steak in the deep freeze and that helped decrease the list of meat needed. 

I made a list of things that we need at Costco and listed coupons that we got in the mail. 

This week, I checked fabulesslyfrugal.com. Here is where I find the lists of things that are on sale at stores in my area.  I usually shop at Albertsons for sale things only and Winco for just about everything.  I especially like Albertsons meat. 

Before I went, I made sure I had coupons printed.  I get the coupons needed at fabulesslyfrugal. 

Then off I went.  Albertsons is having an amazing sale on things.  I got tuna fish for 88 cents a can (just two cans, it’s not something we eat a lot).  Delish grapes for 88 cents a pound (I may have to go back for some more of this).  Bob’s Red Mill items at 48% off:  brown rice flour for the Wench, barley and cornmeal for us for under 5 bucks total.  Crescent rolls and ice cream. 

I bought 12 pounds of boneless chicken.  I needed two pounds but determined to buy more if it was on sale.  This is 24 meals’ worth of chicken.  That is 6 to 8 weeks worth of chicken.  I have some chicken already in the deep freeze.  I will not have to buy boneless chicken for about three months.

I bought a roast.  I needed a 2 lb roast, but the best buy was a 3 lb roast.  I will divide it in half.  That’s four to six meals worth of meat.

My brother came over on Sunday bearing gifts:  a growler of Triple Pi ale from Flying Pie.  It’s awesome.  However, we didn’t drink it all on Sunday.  It goes flat pretty fast.  I couldn’t stand the thought of pouring this yummy beer out, so I portioned what was left into ziploc bags and froze them.  I have marinade recipes that ask for 12 ounces of beer, and now I have three servings in the deep freeze.

I also get milk and dairy products from Boise Milk.  Love having things delivered.  We got our delivery today:  milk, chocolate milk, sour cream, heavy cream, and yogurt.  I found that we still had about three cups out of one gallon of milk left, and a whole gallon that I bought last week thinking we were going to run out.  So I took the gallon I bought last week, poured off some of it, and froze it.  I have lots of friends who tell me that milk freezes just fine.  I have hope.

Two indulgences:  Lays potato chips (1.98 after in ad coupon) and sour crawler candy for the next Ninja care package.  And caff free coke for the hubster. 

Total spent:  $92 after coupons ($5 worth).  Total saved with coupons and bonus buys:  $63. I will get 40 cents off at savingstar.com, which is awesome because that’s no work at all.  % savings:  42.

We right now have 25 cents off a gallon of gas at Albertsons also.  That’ll save some bucks when it comes time to refuel the SUV. 

Best part of the shopping?  Talking to the Ninja.  I just kept to my list, and had a grand half hour talk with her.  Miss her, and came home feeling quite content with my efforts and with the connection we shared. 


Week prep

11 08 2013

Sundays are usually full days, with yard work and food prep and laundry.  Today, we did a little less yard work (didn’t mow the front lawn).  I did a little less food prep and just cut up cantaloupe, watermelon, and strawberries along with slicing green peppers and making 5 salad in a jars.  I made 3 for me and 2 for the hubster.

While I was putting these things together, I also got everything out of the fridge and wiped the shelves down.  I worked for an hour on the two projects and now I have a nice clean fridge and fruits and veggies for the week.

I organized the deep freeze while the hubster mowed the back yard.  I was thrilled….THRILLED…to find several pounds’ worth of steak and hamburger in the deep freeze.  I was able to cross off my entire “meat” list for this next grocery shop.  I need a few more boneless skinless chicken breasts and one or two whole chickens, but now I can wait until these items go on sale.  Which is a huge win.

I also organized some of the shelves in the garage where grocery items are kept.  I was able to cross off several items on the grocery list.  We have plenty of furniture polish and scrubbing bubbles, Ziploc bags, and laundry detergent.

Along with plenty of steak, pork chops, ham, and hamburger.  I think I’ve already saved about 50 bucks from this next trip.

I overspent this payperiod, though, by about thirty bucks.  But I feel I am making much progress in planning ahead, which I haven’t been doing.

I am aware, of course, that implementing is just around the corner.  I will do this.  I will.

It’s not that much fun, honestly, to hold to a budget and diet.  I am planning on adding in a little fun, though.  Hubster and I want to start going out to eat once a payperiod.  This is honestly about double what we go out to eat now.

However, taming the food budget will have high rewards.  Just like working out.  Low risk, high reward.  Then we’ll try to cut the car gas bill by a minimum of 25%.  I am saving for Christmas and the next insurance bill already, but we’ll have to get at least one plane ticket for the kids to come home.  It will be okay, but I’d just love to stay out of the credit card.

I feel energized.  Onward.

Working on plan

10 08 2013

Now that the menu’s done for the next six weeks, it’s time to plan the next grocery shop.  I do a stock up shop once a month, and then a weekly grocery run.  I am going to change that a bit. 

I’ll go to Costco once a month for stock up.  For instance, this next visit (next weekend), I’ll get stuff stock up such as scrubbing bubbles, Downy, toilet bowl cleaner, and a box of single sized chips.  All of these have coupons.  I’ll also get cat food, creamer, diet coke, and vitamins.  I keep a list on the fridge of things we are out of. 

I want to stock up on things enough to have a year’s worth of things in the house, nonperishable of course.  I’ve done this in the past, and it’s great, but it has to be redone since there’s just two of us. 

And I’m using all the resources:  Costco, coupons, Amazon.  I’ll have a list of things that we need to stock up on, but have enough for now.  I need ACT mouthwash and hairspray, and these can wait to be purchased when the stores have sales and I have coupons. 

I subscribe and save at Amazon.com.  My next delivery will include Heads and Shoulders shampoo, basmati rice, vitamin D, oatmeal, Cheerios, and penne.  These items will stock us up for at least six months. This has been accounted for in the budget as well.

I have a list of meat that we need for meals.

Over the next week, I’ll organize the pantry and the deep freeze.  That way, I’ll be able to adjust the list and not buy as much. 

I’ll also use fabulesslyfrugal.com to find the best sales, and clip coupons.


Tonight’s dinner

8 08 2013

So much win.  Tonight’s dinner was definitely something to do again.  We had chicken in red wine sauce, roasted potatoes, and steamed carrots.

Roasted potatoes are marvelously easy.  Heat oven to 425, scrub potatoes (any kind) and cut into wedges.  Spray baking sheet with Pam, put potato wedges on pan, drizzle with olive oil, and season.  Tonight I used sea salt and dill, but just about anything works. Bake for about a half hour.  I turned them about halfway through for even cooking.

Chicken in wine sauce, from Allrecipes.com:

2 boneless chicken breasts, olive oil, brown sugar, red wine.

Heat olive oil in pan, put chicken breasts in, cook about 10 minutes on each side until no longer pink.  Sprinkle with paprika, then with 3 tablespoons brown sugar.  Add 3 tablespoons of red wine and cover.  Cook until chicken breasts are completely done. 

Too much yum. 


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