Setting up for food prep and meal planning

7 08 2013

I am pretty good about meal planning.  I’ve been doing it for over 20 years.

I am always looking for new, easy recipes.  I love a couple of sites especially: and are two of the quickest and easiest I’ve found.

Lately, I’ve been doing food prep also.  I cut up fruit and veggies on one weekend day and put them in containers in the fridge for the week.  It really has made my life easier.  I am grateful for all the ideas I’ve found on the web.  My new favorite is salad in a jar.  It is so very easy to done. My husband has asked me to make a couple of them for him, and he’s really enjoyed them.

I’ve also been working hard off and on to reduce my food budget.  There’s just the two of us at home and we really shouldn’t be spending as much money as we do on groceries.  There’s so much else to spend money on, and I truly think cutting the food budget will help us put a little money aside instead of living paycheck to paycheck as we do.

Since meat is such a huge part of a food budget, I am working on finding recipes to stretch the meat we eat.  It’s surprisingly easy to find.  Here’s a “rubber chicken” page:

The plan is to cook a roast chicken on Sunday.  I adore this recipe (although I’ve only cooked one chicken at a time and not two like this recipe suggests).

Then on Tuesday, I’ll make Asian chicken salad ahead of time:

And Friday, it’ll be time for

That takes care of half the week already!  And from one chicken, with minimal time and effort.

I will post my menus and recipes as planning progresses.  I am working on the menu for September.  Planning ahead, don’t you know.





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