Fall schedule

8 08 2013

One reason for working on food prep is school is starting soon.  Hubster is a teacher, so he starts about a week before the kids do.  He just got his schedule today.  He works part time (so he works full time and gets paid part time). 

Anyway, for the first quarter, he has to be at school by 7:30 am, so he leaves at 7:00.  I think this will work nicely.  I will get up when he does.  

In order to cut costs, I will ride the bus twice a week.  I’ll get up with the hubster, and leave the house at the same time as he does.  I’ll ride a particular bus, and will get off at the Y and start taking a CorePower class again.  Then I’ll walk to work (it’s a mile from the Y to my work), do my shift, and take the bus home.  I’ll work a half hour less on these two days.

The other three days a week, I’ll go to work an hour earlier than my norm.  I’ll work an hour longer one day, to make up for the half hour shortage from each of the two bus riding days. 

So here’s what the week is going to look like, starting August 27:

Monday-up at 6, ride 0715 bus, Core Power at 0800, work 0930-1630. Home by 1730, cook easy meal for dinner.

Tuesday-up at 6, drive to work at 0700, work 0800 to 1730.  Workout:  walk.  Dinner:  very easy meal, made on Sunday.

Wednesday:  up at 6, take 0715 bus, Corepower class, walk to work, work 0930-1800.  Dinner:  leftovers or sandwiches

Thursday:  up, work 0800-1630, workout:  walk and then lift weights.  Dinner:  easy.

Friday:  up, work 0800-1630, workout:  elliptical, dinner:  very easy meal made from Sunday’s meal.

Saturday:  sleep til 0900, workout:  long walk.  Clean house and do chores.

Sunday: sleep til 0900, workout:  bike and weights. Food prep day, including very nice Sunday dinner that takes some cooking. 

Some of this is already being done.  I’ll get up about an hour earlier when school starts and won’t work as late.  It’ll be really nice.  I’m looking forward to it.





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