Working on plan

10 08 2013

Now that the menu’s done for the next six weeks, it’s time to plan the next grocery shop.  I do a stock up shop once a month, and then a weekly grocery run.  I am going to change that a bit. 

I’ll go to Costco once a month for stock up.  For instance, this next visit (next weekend), I’ll get stuff stock up such as scrubbing bubbles, Downy, toilet bowl cleaner, and a box of single sized chips.  All of these have coupons.  I’ll also get cat food, creamer, diet coke, and vitamins.  I keep a list on the fridge of things we are out of. 

I want to stock up on things enough to have a year’s worth of things in the house, nonperishable of course.  I’ve done this in the past, and it’s great, but it has to be redone since there’s just two of us. 

And I’m using all the resources:  Costco, coupons, Amazon.  I’ll have a list of things that we need to stock up on, but have enough for now.  I need ACT mouthwash and hairspray, and these can wait to be purchased when the stores have sales and I have coupons. 

I subscribe and save at  My next delivery will include Heads and Shoulders shampoo, basmati rice, vitamin D, oatmeal, Cheerios, and penne.  These items will stock us up for at least six months. This has been accounted for in the budget as well.

I have a list of meat that we need for meals.

Over the next week, I’ll organize the pantry and the deep freeze.  That way, I’ll be able to adjust the list and not buy as much. 

I’ll also use to find the best sales, and clip coupons.





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