Part one grocery shopping

15 08 2013

I decided to do some of the grocery shopping tonight. 

To prep for the month’s grocery shopping, I cleaned out the deep freeze and cleaned out the fridge.  I thought I’d clean out the pantry, but it’s really in pretty good shape. 

I keep a piece of paper on the fridge and note when we run out of things.  That helps a lot. 

I made the menu for the next 6 weeks.  Yep, I have dinners planned from now until October 6.  After I made the menu, I listed all the meat we needed.  I found a bunch of steak in the deep freeze and that helped decrease the list of meat needed. 

I made a list of things that we need at Costco and listed coupons that we got in the mail. 

This week, I checked Here is where I find the lists of things that are on sale at stores in my area.  I usually shop at Albertsons for sale things only and Winco for just about everything.  I especially like Albertsons meat. 

Before I went, I made sure I had coupons printed.  I get the coupons needed at fabulesslyfrugal. 

Then off I went.  Albertsons is having an amazing sale on things.  I got tuna fish for 88 cents a can (just two cans, it’s not something we eat a lot).  Delish grapes for 88 cents a pound (I may have to go back for some more of this).  Bob’s Red Mill items at 48% off:  brown rice flour for the Wench, barley and cornmeal for us for under 5 bucks total.  Crescent rolls and ice cream. 

I bought 12 pounds of boneless chicken.  I needed two pounds but determined to buy more if it was on sale.  This is 24 meals’ worth of chicken.  That is 6 to 8 weeks worth of chicken.  I have some chicken already in the deep freeze.  I will not have to buy boneless chicken for about three months.

I bought a roast.  I needed a 2 lb roast, but the best buy was a 3 lb roast.  I will divide it in half.  That’s four to six meals worth of meat.

My brother came over on Sunday bearing gifts:  a growler of Triple Pi ale from Flying Pie.  It’s awesome.  However, we didn’t drink it all on Sunday.  It goes flat pretty fast.  I couldn’t stand the thought of pouring this yummy beer out, so I portioned what was left into ziploc bags and froze them.  I have marinade recipes that ask for 12 ounces of beer, and now I have three servings in the deep freeze.

I also get milk and dairy products from Boise Milk.  Love having things delivered.  We got our delivery today:  milk, chocolate milk, sour cream, heavy cream, and yogurt.  I found that we still had about three cups out of one gallon of milk left, and a whole gallon that I bought last week thinking we were going to run out.  So I took the gallon I bought last week, poured off some of it, and froze it.  I have lots of friends who tell me that milk freezes just fine.  I have hope.

Two indulgences:  Lays potato chips (1.98 after in ad coupon) and sour crawler candy for the next Ninja care package.  And caff free coke for the hubster. 

Total spent:  $92 after coupons ($5 worth).  Total saved with coupons and bonus buys:  $63. I will get 40 cents off at, which is awesome because that’s no work at all.  % savings:  42.

We right now have 25 cents off a gallon of gas at Albertsons also.  That’ll save some bucks when it comes time to refuel the SUV. 

Best part of the shopping?  Talking to the Ninja.  I just kept to my list, and had a grand half hour talk with her.  Miss her, and came home feeling quite content with my efforts and with the connection we shared. 





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