Today’s training

17 08 2013

I’m doing a race in September:

I’m actually doing the Aldape Challenge, which is 16.6 miles.

My training has been derailed the past couple of weeks by sinusitis and smoke in the valley.  Today, however, I woke up feeling good.  I did dawdle quite a bit and got out much later than I planned.

The plan was for 12 miles but I bonked at 5.5.  I made it to 7.3 miles but those last few were brutal.

However, I bought a bunch of new music and that really helped.  Here’s what I added to my phone this week:

Green Day  Boulevard of Broken Dreams

Weird Al    I Lost on Jeopardy

Weird Al      Yoda

Guns N Roses    You Could be Mine

3 Doors Down       Kryptonite

Pearl Jam       Alive

Golden Earring    Radar Love

Jimi Hendrix        Fire

a-ha   Take on Me

Disney movie    Hakuna Matata

Movie     Accidentally in Love

10 cc The Things we do for Love

Meat Loaf    Hot Patootie   Bless My Soul

Susan Sarandon   Touch A Touch A Touch Me

The Animals   Don’t Let me be Misunderstood

Patty Smyth Goodbye to You

Green Day    21 Guns

Here’s my splits.  I walked almost the whole way this time.


1:  17:29

2:  16:20

3:  18:02

4:  18:19


6:  19:41

7:  19:50

8:  19

My exercise level was pretty decent this past week, but I was ill last week and didn’t get much done.

So the plan is for this week:

Cycle Sunday

Elliptical and circuit Monday

Walk Tuesday (hills)

Elliptical and circuit  Wednesday

Walk Thursday (hills)

Rest Friday

13 miles Sunday





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