Aldape Challenge is done

29 09 2013

I finished the Aldape challenge yesterday.  It was hard.  I expected that.  It took me a long time.  I expected that.  I’m sore today.  I expected that.

I didn’t expect to be planning how to make next year’s race better.  🙂

We do the same route as Race to Robie Creek, which is an awesomely difficult half marathon.  We climbed the same hill, and turned around at the summit and came back.

The race started at Fort Boise park, in the dark.  It was twenty minutes until sunrise.  I was a little surprised to find that there were only 3 walkers.  I walked with my office partner for much of the first mile.  The other walker was much faster than me. 

So, from the first mile on, I was pretty much alone.  Except for the motorcycle cop following me for a couple of miles.  At last, he asked me if I was okay with him following me or if he could go. I said I was okay if he left me.  It was much nicer without the putt putt.

During the third mile, I was all by myself again except for the motorcycle who circled around me a fair amount.  I couldn’t see the walkers that had been ahead of me. 

At just past the third mile mark, the course turns to packed dirt and gravel.  It was nice and cool and overcast.  The climb had been fairly intense until then, but got steeper.  The fourth mile marker was far past the end of pavement, I was a little surprised.

The fifth mile marker was hit in pretty good time, and the climb was about the same.  The wind was blowing against my face, and I was started to get a little chilly.   I started to see people who’d made it to the top and were on the way back down. 

The sixth mile was more difficult.  The climb got harder, and I was really getting chilly.  My hands were getting cold.  However, all the people who were ahead of me, who had attained the summit, were awesome at encouraging me. 

The seventh mile was the absolute worst.  I was tired of the climb, and it was steeper by then.  I was tired of the wind and my legs were hurting.  I found my office partner about a half mile from the summit and got a hug.  I kept telling myself the summit was around the corner, and the corner seemed long.  Finally I saw the summit, and got myself there.  I grabbed a banana and water and Gatorade.  And thankfully, I headed downhill.

I scarcely even noticed the 9th mile, the markers were harder to see, which was weird.  I found a port a potty, the which I needed.  I texted my husband at the 10th mile and the 11th mile.  My hands finally warmed up, and it was much nicer with the wind behind my back. 

At the 11th mile, I got more water, and kept up the downhill.  At the 13th mile, the road changed back to pavement.  I had a small climb up to the 14th mile.  But after that, it was more downhill.  By the end of the downhill, I was on auto pilot, and just focused on going from one volunteer to another. 

At last I crossed the finish line.  I estimated my time at 5 to 5.5 hours, and crossed the finish line at 5:37.  My sweet husband was waiting for me, and took video and pictures of me crossing the finish line.  Then he hugged me, and we went and got our commemorative glasses.  Which we promptly filled with beer, which I then slammed.  It went right to my head.  Thankful that my husband was there to drive me home. 

I took a hot shower and took a nap.  Then, to finish out my birthday, we went for pizza and ice cream cake.

It was a good day.  I’m pretty sore today, but it’s a good reminder that I did something really amazing. 


My birthday wish

7 09 2013

Week end

7 09 2013

I have got to say that this was one really downer week.  I don’t really know if I am sick today because of all the stress of the past week, or if I was stressed out because I was getting sick. 

Oh, I’m not all that sick.  Slight sore throat, headache, want to sleep all the time.  A couple of days of good eating and good sleeping and I should be fine.  Hot tea for the throat. 

But this is not a blog for whining. 

I bought two batches of jars last week, as I had previously purchased food saver attachments for jars.  I am excited to put things into jars and see them.  Salads in jars are supposed to last longer. 

So today I washed the quart jars I’d purchased, intending to start putting things up.  Unfortunately I am missing a crucial attachment:  tubing.  But I have a whole bunch of clean jars.

No place to put ’em.  But ah well.




September 2 food prep

2 09 2013

For a while now, I have been food prepping on Sundays.  I cut up fruits and vegetables for the week and have recently branched out into salads in jars.



Per everything I read online, I put salad dressing in the bottom.  Thousand Island for hubster, raspberry viniagrette for me.  Then I put in hardy things like carrots and celery.  I cut up cucumber for hubster’s salads.  Red cabbage next.  I spun romaine lettuce and green lettuce and tore it up for the top of the jar.  Yummyness will ensue.


Earlier in the day, I made yogurt bites.  I found these online at The Lean Green Bean’s website.  She has a lot of amazing ideas.  She makes these with yogurt and granola and fruit.  Being an ordinary person, I made them with two tubs of vanilla Greek yogurt, a cup and a half of cup up strawberries, and a cup of chocolate chips.  They are very yummy and satisfying without a huge calorie hit.




I cut up cantaloupe and strawberries, washed green and red grapes and raspberries, made pasta salad for tomorrow’s dinner.  I cut up chicken from yesterday’s dinner and mixed it into the pasta salad.  I sauteed mushrooms.  There was a plenty of leftovers from tonight’s dinner, steak and corn on the cob.  I cut up celery and green peppers. 



I spent about an hour, overall, on food prep and it saves me so much time during the week.  Tuesdays are hectic days for hubster and me.  Wednesdays, we eat leftovers. 

I am going to have an early morning tomorrow, and the next day.  I am glad to have my food prep done and my lunch is made for the morning. 


September 1

1 09 2013

September is not usually my favorite month.  Oh, I love fall, but September promises fall and usually doesn’t deliver.  Fall doesn’t even start until the end of September, for one thing.

I miss my mom the most in September.  My birthday is this month, and my mom’s.

Usually my theme song for September is Green Day’s “wake me up when September ends”.

This year, though, I have a fun race to look forward to, and to work toward. Today I did 8 miles.  I didn’t really want to go out.  The air is smokey with the latest fires.  But I knew I could not postpone this workout.  It really was do it now time.  So although it was later in the morning than I like to go out, I went out anyway.

I still messed up my stopwatch.  I am not sure how I’m doing that.  I knew my first mile was slow, at 18:18.  Second mile about the same at 18:12.  Third mile slower at 19:07.  Messed up the stopwatch for the fourth mile.  I meandered some, in search of more shade, and did some hill work.  Fifth mile was 18:03.  Sixth mile was messed up stopwatch.  By this time, though, I’d gotten pretty hungry and was glad for the Clif bar in my pouch.  And the Skittles.  I devoured them both and drank a bottle of water.  I filled up at the next fountain.  Water’s not cold, but it is still refreshing.  Seventh mile was very slow at 19:20, but I stepped it up for the last bit and turned in a 16:45.

I’m slow, but my, do I ever perspire.

Today is the start of the September plank challenge and it took all I had to get the 20 seconds done.

I spent a lot of time during the first hour of my workout thinking about why I’m not losing weight.  I’ve been very discouraged in the last month.  I let my good habits lax a bit, and I gained back the six pounds or so that I lost.  So, I have a choice.  I can continue to be discouraged and hope that magically the weight will come off, or I can renew my promise to myself to reinstate those healthy habits.

I will keep in mind, this time, that all the exercise in the world will not take place of poor diet. And I will keep in mind that calories in MUST be less than calories out.  In order to lose a pound a week, which is my goal, I need to expend 500 more calories than I intake.

After my race, I will be working on all areas of fitness, including flexibility and strength.  For now, I am doing what I’ve been doing, just more of it.

So, this week’s plan:

Monday:  bike

Tuesday:  hill work, after work

Wednesday:  elliptical and circuit, after work

Thursday:  walk, before work

Friday:  elliptical after work

Saturday:  rest day

Sunday:  16 miles


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