September 2 food prep

2 09 2013

For a while now, I have been food prepping on Sundays.  I cut up fruits and vegetables for the week and have recently branched out into salads in jars.



Per everything I read online, I put salad dressing in the bottom.  Thousand Island for hubster, raspberry viniagrette for me.  Then I put in hardy things like carrots and celery.  I cut up cucumber for hubster’s salads.  Red cabbage next.  I spun romaine lettuce and green lettuce and tore it up for the top of the jar.  Yummyness will ensue.


Earlier in the day, I made yogurt bites.  I found these online at The Lean Green Bean’s website.  She has a lot of amazing ideas.  She makes these with yogurt and granola and fruit.  Being an ordinary person, I made them with two tubs of vanilla Greek yogurt, a cup and a half of cup up strawberries, and a cup of chocolate chips.  They are very yummy and satisfying without a huge calorie hit.




I cut up cantaloupe and strawberries, washed green and red grapes and raspberries, made pasta salad for tomorrow’s dinner.  I cut up chicken from yesterday’s dinner and mixed it into the pasta salad.  I sauteed mushrooms.  There was a plenty of leftovers from tonight’s dinner, steak and corn on the cob.  I cut up celery and green peppers. 



I spent about an hour, overall, on food prep and it saves me so much time during the week.  Tuesdays are hectic days for hubster and me.  Wednesdays, we eat leftovers. 

I am going to have an early morning tomorrow, and the next day.  I am glad to have my food prep done and my lunch is made for the morning. 





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