Week end

7 09 2013

I have got to say that this was one really downer week.  I don’t really know if I am sick today because of all the stress of the past week, or if I was stressed out because I was getting sick. 

Oh, I’m not all that sick.  Slight sore throat, headache, want to sleep all the time.  A couple of days of good eating and good sleeping and I should be fine.  Hot tea for the throat. 

But this is not a blog for whining. 

I bought two batches of jars last week, as I had previously purchased food saver attachments for jars.  I am excited to put things into jars and see them.  Salads in jars are supposed to last longer. 

So today I washed the quart jars I’d purchased, intending to start putting things up.  Unfortunately I am missing a crucial attachment:  tubing.  But I have a whole bunch of clean jars.

No place to put ’em.  But ah well.







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