No picture for food prep

19 11 2013

Food Prep Sunday happened at the Durham house but did not get recorded.  Ah, the horror.  

For this week’s food prep, I:

Cut up two pounds of carrots for salad in jars and carrot sticks

Cut up celery sticks

Cut up cauliflower for salad in jars

Cut up red cabbage for salad in jars

Washed grape tomatoes and cocktail cucumbers

Baked 2 acorn squash for Thursday’s dinner (pork chops), which I’ll finish baking on Thursday with butter and brown sugar

Cut 4 green peppers into strips

Washed a tub of raspberries

For dinner, I fried 3 pounds of chicken.  It was awesome.  And we have all kinds of yummy leftovers for lunches this week.  


My fridge is full still, and I’m very glad. Hubby had leftovers for dinner last night and tonight. I am having leftovers for lunches for the next several days, and it is so good and so easy. 






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