Grocery shop

8 12 2013

This week, I started a new meal planning website.  I wasn’t sure I would like it at first, but one week into my 30 free trial and I am SOLD.

It’s  You upload your recipes from your favorite websites, or find recipes that you like on the site.  There’s a generous number of recipes to be found.  Then you organize your recipes into a planner, and you can plan meals for one week, one month, whatever.

Then the genius part of this:  your shopping list is populated from your planner.  And you can organize your shopping list into whichever stores you like the best, and you can make “your pantry” one of those stores.  It’s awesome.

So this weekend, when I did my big grocery shop, I was able to use this shopping list tool for the first time.  I bought way less produce-I knew just what I needed.  I bought a bunch of meat.  I probably should’ve inventoried my freezer first, but I had some specific meats that I needed and I was sure I didn’t have what I needed.

And if I do this website after the free trial, I can add meat to my pantry (or maybe I’ll make a “store” called reezer.”

So, I bought:

5 lbs of hamburger (if you go to Albertsons around the time their butcher block closes, they discount their ground beef.  I spent 1.99/lb!) which I have packaged into half pound packs for 10 meals.

1 2 lb rump roast , which will be turned into French dip sandwiches and soup.

1 2 lb brisket, which is today’s dinner and I haven’t decided what to do with the leftovers yet.

2 whole chickens, which will make at least 6 meals.

4 lbs chicken drumsticks, which will make at least 4 meals

2 pork roasts, which will make at least 4 meals

4 lbs bone in chicken, which will make 3 meals at least

1 ribeye steak, discounted

1 teri tip steak, discounted

1 top loin steak, discounted

Two of the steaks will be our New Year’s dinner.  1 steak will be dinner later.

1 lb stew meat, divided into two packs for two dinner

So, at least 34 meals.  All of which were packaged and sealed and frozen.

I have a bunch of boneless chicken breast in the deep freeze, so I will not be needing to buy any more meat for quite a while.  I’m hoping for two months.  I will buy meat if it’s on an incredible sale.








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