Food Prep Sunday is back

24 08 2014













It was a busy weekend this weekend.  I worked on food prep for a couple of hours.  Here’s what we have for the week: 



Breakfast:  to the left, mini-quiches.  To the right, cinnamon rolls.  This was breakfast this morning, and I made extra for the week.  Hubster starts back to school tomorrow.  It is good to have something for him to grab and go.


This is the leftover quesadillas from last night.  I cut them with a biscuit cutter so they fit into a jar.  Should be a couple of lunches. IMG_20140824_200731_105


Here’s the protein:  leftover Italian chicken in the small jar, hard boiled eggs, and Weds dinner of chicken teriyaki.





Cobb salads.  Yumminess in a jar. 


Two salads in a jar, leftover lettuce, cut up broccoli and carrots for Thursday’s dinner, and sauteed mushrooms. IMG_20140824_200822_599

Cut up cantaloupe, raspberries, and blackberries.  IMG_20140824_201113_485


Not that we need it, but here’s pudding in a jar.  I didn’t expect to make that much.  I made chocolate and vanilla pudding layers. IMG_20140824_201301_678My fridge is completely full.  I feel great, and I hope to have saved a lot of time later this week.  Hubster already has his Cobb salad and pudding picked out for tomorrow’s lunch.  




Food prep Saturday

23 08 2014

I’m trying to plan ahead. Really and truly trying.  I have discussed this with my hubby, and have an idea of what’s going to be made this week.

Hubster goes back to school this week.  So it’s time to start on food prep Sundays again.

We have a number of things we like.  Hubster likes the salad in a jar that I made last spring.  I found some different recipes.  I am looking forward to them.

I made pudding tonight, and put them into half pint mason jars.  I layered chocolate and vanilla pudding and they are going to be delish.

Tomorrow for breakfast, we are going to have mini quiches.  I have mushrooms for my mini quiches, and green onions for Hubster’s.  We’ll also have cinnamon rolls.  We’ll probably have bacon. I’ll cook four extra slices for salads.  The mini quiches will be used in breakfasts during the week.

It’s my turn to clean the kitchen, vacuum, and sweep and mop.  That takes about an hour.  We’ll clean house right after breakfast, so we’ll have the rest of the day to do things.

We’re having grilled chicken for dinner, and I’ll make extra for salads and for dinner later in the week.  For dinner, I’ll marinate a children breast in Italian dressing.  One breast will be plain, and one breast will be marinated in teriyaki for dinner on Weds.

I’ll cut up veggies for use in the week.  We’re having a stir fry on Monday, so I’ll cut up broccoli and carrots for that, as well as celery, carrots, and cucumbers.  I will make two regular salads in a jar, which will be dressing, carrots, cherry tomatoes, romaine lettuce.

I made quesadillas tonight, and packed the leftovers in half pint mason jars, ready to eat for a lunch.

I’ll try to get everything together, at least in the fridge, and take a picture of it.  And I’m trying to think of more meals to make on Sundays….it just makes everything so much easier!


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