Monday Food Prep–Labor Day

1 09 2014

I just spent about 3 hours doing food prep along with watching Star Trek II, cleaning out the little freezer and reorganizing, and eating lunch.  So probably did about 2 hours of actual work.

I made egg, bacon, and cheese biscuits.  I got the recipe from 30 day gourmet, in their Freezer Meal cook book.  Here’s what they look like finished.




I used a special pan to make the eggs.  These are simply eggs whisked with a bit of milk.


Here’s the construction:  biscuit, bacon, egg, and a slide of cheese.



I had some eggs leftover.  I have mini bagels.  Breakfast for the week is mine!




Here’s the fruit of all my labors.  From top left:  the bacon, egg, and cheese biscuits wrapped and ready for the week.  Next to them, sliced green peppers, original salad in a jar, (dressing, carrots, celery, tomatoes, chopped red cabbage, and romaine lettuce), raspberries (have two sets), apple cobbler, beef ramen stir fry, buttermilk dressing, frosted brownies, cantaloupe, BLT salad (bacon, tomatoes, and lettuce), and celery and carrot sticks.  I have three original salads, 2 BLT salads, 6 apple cobblers.  Not shown:  tomorrow’s vegetables for me (celery, carrot sticks, green pepper, cucumber).IMG_20140901_141105_998 (1)


Here’s the apple cobblers I made yesterday.  They smelled so good.



IMG_20140831_182620_947 (1)

For all of the work, it was totally worth it.  I am so grateful to be done, and I have the rest of the day to rest….I mean go for a walk and then mow the lawn.




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4 09 2014
The Bookworm

Looks tasty!

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