Sunday Food Prep Sept 14

14 09 2014

Ah, Sundays.  How I love to relax and …, wait, not today.  Today we ran our buns off.  It was totally worth it because we got so much done.  Hubster and I cleaned house and I finished the grocery shopping.  We mowed the lawn.  I rode my bike to the library and picked up more books.  Then I did my food prep.

I made three salads for us both:  a taco salad, a BLT salad, and a regular salad.


Can’t wait to eat these.

So, my other prep from top left:  caramel apple cupcakes, a large pot roast that was tonight’s dinner and will be two more dinners this week (open faced beef sandwiches one day, French dip another day, and anything that’s left will be frozen with BBQ sauce for hubby), cooked ground beef for a dinner later this week, twice baked potatoes (we had them with our dinner and I made extras to freeze), cut up green peppers, hard boiled eggs,  and raspberries.  I didn’t post the celery/carrot sticks this week for some reason.


I’m looking forward to the week. Doing food prep takes a bit of time, but it saves me so much later in the week. I’ve been coming home really tired, so grateful for the idea and inspiration.




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