Sunday food prep Oct 26

26 10 2014

I should be folding clothes, but instead I’m eating chocolate chip cookies (freshly baked) and drinking milk.  Life is good!  I haven’t done much Sunday food prep for the past month or so, but today I made up for it.  Here’s what I prepped:


From top left:  celery sticks and baby carrots, cucumbers and tomatoes, green peppers, salads in jars, cut up chicken, more tomatoes, tomorrow’s veggie pack, tonight’s stir fry which will be 2 more meals, breakfast omelets, chocolate chip cookie bars, and leftover pizza.  We will feast this week.

The salads in jars:  two chicken cobb salads to the left (bacon, chicken, tomatoes, romaine lettuce, and dressing will be on the side) and chicken ramen salad (slivered almonds, chicken, cole slaw mix, ramen noodles and dressing on the side).



It’s going to be an amazing busy week, with a 14 hour shift tomorrow and lots to do later in the week.  I’m glad this is all done, and it’ll make my life so much easier!

Altogether this took about 4 hours, but I cooked the chicken in the oven for just under an hour, then cooked the bacon in the oven for 25 minutes, and then cooked the chocolate chip cookie bar.  I let everything cool enough to handle while I made dinner.  While I made dinner, I also started on the chopping things (celery sticks, etc).  I made the breakfast omelets this morning, which took about 10 minutes of prep time and 20 or so minutes to cook.  Putting together the salads takes about 15 minutes including putting the lettuce in the salad spinner and letting it dry a bit.


Nom nom nom.


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