Sunday Food Prep November 9, 2014

9 11 2014

I didn’t have time last weekend to do Sunday food prep.  Alas, I did this week’s kind of late in the day.  I need to do this in the afternoon 🙂

From top left:  blueberry muffins, cut up green peppers, cut up veggies for tomorrow’s lunch, raspberries, cut up celery and carrots, and three bean salad.  A whole bunch of salads are on the bottom right.

Salads: oops, forgot the baked potatoes I made today.  Salads for the week are:  BLT (seen with lettuce and tomatoes), 3 bean (the recipe made a lot more than expected!) and chicken ramen.  The dressing for the chicken ramen is behind the BLT salad.

Not shown, but made this weekend:

I cooked extra ground beef last night when I made spaghetti.  I have leftover spaghetti for the week, and since it made a LOT (must not have been paying attention!), I packaged some of it for the freezer.  I made beef bourguignon tonight, and since the recipe made 12 servings, I divided it into thirds and froze two for future meals.

I did the month’s grocery shopping this weekend and packaged a WHOLE bunch of meat.  In addition, we bought 40 lbs of chicken from Zaycon Foods and that got packaged this week.  My food saver has had a workout!





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