Sunday Food Prep November 30 2014

30 11 2014

It is time for Sunday Food Prep. I am starting a new month with a new attitude. I’ve been deep cleaning in the house over the past week, and tonight got busy cutting up veggies and making food for the week. Hubster is not going to be home for a few nights and I want to have food available.

from top left:  Ham, sliced for sandwiches and meals, sliced green peppers, cut up strawberries, salads in jars, cut up celery and carrot sticks, au gratin potatoes (leftover from tonight’s dinner), baked potatoes for soup later on, cut up veggies for tomorrow’s lunch, hard boiled eggs, and apple pie.



Salads in jars: chicken ramen and chopped chicken.

I hope you all had a great Thanksgiving.  Hubster and I aren’t big fans of turkey, so we went out for Thanksgiving dinner.  It was awesome.  I had French dip.

We were too full for dessert on Thanksgiving, so I saved the pie for tonight.





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