New Year’s 2015

31 12 2014

I have one resolution this year:  To work on improving my health in 2015.

I have a lot of ways that I think this can happen.  I’m going to try to qualify for a metabolic syndrome clinic and follow their recommendations.  If I don’t qualify for this, I will simply take the objectives they’ve posted and work on it myself, with the help of my employer’s $10,000 weight loss challenge.

I am actually going to make resolutions monthly toward my overall goal of improving my health.  It doesn’t look like I made resolutions last year, so I’m glad to do it this year.  Every baby step helps.





One of my next projects:

29 12 2014

7 December, 2014 20:04

7 12 2014

It seems like the last few weeks of the year are flinging themselves forward with abandon. This is truly reflected in the craziness that is our schedule.

Here’s the food prep from top left:  baked potatoes for soup mid-week, roast for leftovers (including French dip), raspberries, sliced green peppers, baked omelet, crumb cake, celery and carrot sticks, and blackberries.


We feast!!

7 December, 2014 20:03

7 12 2014

Just regular salads for the week. 6 total and one jar of extra lettuce mix. I can’t wait to chow down.

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