Food Prep Sunday Jan 25

25 01 2015

Now that the Ninja is back at school, it’s time to get back to food preparation Sundays.  Today, I spent about three hours total, which included making dinner.


Here’s the vegetables.  From top left:  sliced cucumbers (I bought three today and sliced them), sliced green peppers, snap peas, sliced cauliflower, tomorrow’s lunch vegetables (cukes, green peppers, carrots and celery sticks), tomorrow’s dinner vegetables (sliced green peppers and chopped celery), and carrots and celery sticks.


I only made two salads, but I had enough lettuce to fill another jar.  I didn’t use all the grape tomatoes I bought either.


Here’s some of the items left from late last week.  On the bottom, the acorn squash I made tonight for the Hubster.  On top left, split pea soup.  On top right, beef stroganoff from last night.  These will make yummy lunches.


This is the majority of protein we are eating this week.  From top left, here are Chicken Gruyere turnovers (made Thursday) that Hubster has claimed for lunches this week.  At top right is tonight’s pork roast, made in the crock pot.  From the leftovers, I am going to make fried rice on Wednesday and eat the pork with that, and if there’s any left over we’ll have pulled pork sandwiches on Friday.  The sirloin in the bag is for tomorrow’s stir fry, which will provide me with a least two lunches.  The eggs are for my lunches.

Last but not least, here’s baked French toast for the week’s breakfasts.


Not pictured: Frosted brownies which are still in the oven.

The dinner plan for the week:

Monday:  Beef stir fry (steak, green peppers, celery, and rice)

Tuesday:  Leftovers (Hubster has martial arts on Tuesdays)

Wednesday:  Pork fried rice

Thursday:  Hamburgers

Friday:  Pulled pork sandwiches

Saturday:  Quesadillas

And it starts over next week.  Onward!


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