Food Prep Sunday Feb 15

15 02 2015

It’s Food prep Sunday and I worked hard today!

Here’s the entrees:  Lasagna from Friday’s dinner, chicken and rice from tonight’s dinner, and pizza from last night’s dinner.  We will eat well this week.  Most of these meals are ones my husband will eat for lunch.  If I’m lucky, I may snag the chicken and rice.


I sliced a few apples today and dried them in the dehydrator.  I can’t wait to snack on these.  They are wonderful. 20150215_194930

I prepped a whole lot of veggies.  From top left:  sugar snap peas, celery sticks and baby carrots, salads, cut up cauliflower, grape tomatoes, cut up carrots and broccoli for tomorrow’s stir fry, cucumber slices and green peppers.  This was the most work of the day, but oh so worth it.


Here’s the salads.   I did two regular salads and four chicken ramen salads.  Hubby likes the regular salads.  I’ll eat the chicken ramen.  They are a wonderful lunch.


Last but not least, fruits.  I got some chocolate covered strawberries (on sale because they were Valentine’s Day things), cut up two pounds of strawberries, and washed raspberries.   I am excited about the strawberries.  The chocolate covered ones are great, but the regular ones look really good.  Yogurt and berries are the best in the morning. 20150215_195616

Metabolic syndrome clinic starts next week, so this week I plan on gearing up for it, and getting used to eating like I want to.





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