Food Prep Sunday

21 06 2015

It’s Food Prep Sunday!

I probably am not going to post pictures, it’s just too much work.  Which is why I haven’t been posting about my food prep.  I’ve been doing it.


I’ve really been inspired lately to cook extra on Sundays, for one thing, or to figure out an entree on Sunday that can be used during the week.  The easiest one, of course, is roasting a chicken on Sunday, having chicken turnovers on Tuesday, and chicken croquettes on Friday.  And of course, making chicken broth for soup and whatnot for laters.

Anyway, planning is key.  I’m on a weight loss plateau, and I need to increase my veggie and fruit intake, and eat better overall.  I haven’t been feeling all that great, which is another sign I need to be more vigilant about what I eat.

Today, I’ve washed raspberries and cut up green peppers in strips.  I have made homemade granola and the house smells so very good.  I got a recipe from a dear friend, but found the first time I made it that it made far too much.  So I cut the recipe in half.

I’ve boiled eggs for hard boiled egg sandwiches.

I’m making quinoa right now also.  I haven’t decided what to do with it yet, so it’ll be plain for a bit.  I can make parfaits with berries, yogurt, quinoa, and granola.  That sounds really tasty, actually.

While the quinoa cooks, I’m baking some chocolate chip cookie bars.  I made them some time ago and froze them, ready to bake.

The steak is marinating for tonight’s dinner, and salmon fillets are thawing.  We’ll have steak salads on Weds.  Hubster will have extra salmon to eat this week, which will be awesome.

The menu for the week:

Monday:  lunch-hard boiled egg salad for one      dinner–Oriental chicken salad (purchased at Costco)

Tuesday:  lunch-skillet supper (Friday’s dinner, leftover)    dinner–leftovers

Weds:  lunch–peanut butter and jelly sandwich        dinner—Caprese salad with leftover grilled steak

Thursday—lunch—don’t know yet          dinner–grilled chicken and rice

Friday–lunch–don’t know yet          dinner–leftovers

Saturday:  lunch–chicken                dinner—taco salad

What’s next for food prep:   cut up cucumbers, cauliflower, celery, strawberries, and cantaloupe.

Oh, and for exercise this week:

Monday:  yoga

Tuesday:  walk, treadmill, after work

Wednesday:  HIIT elliptical, and circuit training

Thursday:  walk, Greenbelt, before work

Friday:  HIIT elliptical and circuit training

Saturday:  walk 6 miles

Sunday:  rest day ( could switch with Saturday)

off we go.


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