Food Prep Sunday and Planning for the week, July 12

12 07 2015

Yes!  It’s Food Prep Sunday once again!  I have been slacking on the pictures, but today I worked very hard to get my camera in the right spot. It’s been too hot to do much oven cooking, but today it’s pretty mild. Mild meaning under 100 degrees 🙂

First off, here’s homemade granola. Made with my friend’s recipe, it’s totally yummy and makes the house smell so wonderful. Small amount of coconut oil, honey, maple syrup, vanilla extract, chopped almonds and oats. It’s supposed to last two weeks in an airtight container. I have made this before, but today I halved the recipe because I don’t seem to get it all eaten even though it is really yummy.


Next up is sliced cucumber, celery and carrot sticks, and green peppers.  I also cut up cauliflower but didn’t take a picture. 20150712_162615

I love these mini frittatas.  These are mushroom and cheese.  These make breakfast so very easy. 20150712_162340

Cut up cantaloupe and sliced strawberries.  Yummy.  20150712_162509

The salad in a jar.  I made four for the week.  Usually I put dressing in the bottom, but hubby and I like different dressing so it’s easier for us to add our own dressings when we eat them.  The salads are:  chopped carrots, chopped celery, chopped red cabbage, grape tomatoes, baby spinach, and romaine lettuce.  Also shown up front:  roasted chick peas. I got the recipe for those at  Go check out her site, she’s awesome. 20150712_162331

Mini frittatas for the hubster, with red pepper and green onions. 20150712_165648

This is what my fridge looks like after I’m done.  Top shelf is beverages, with hubster’s cokes, wine, and my frittatas.  Also shown is Friday’s mac and beef, which will be eaten this week.  The weekend’s food prep is on the second shelf, also with leftover Chinese food from last night.  Milk and yogurt on the next shelf, and eggs on the next one.   20150712_165701Now that food prep is done, hubster is starting the grill up for our BBQ steak dinner.  We’re having steak, corn on the cob, and steamed carrots.  After dinner, I may make some dessert.  Or maybe not.  This weekend’s food prep took a couple of hours.

The week’s meal plan:

Monday:  Hamburgers

Tuesday:  Leftovers

Wednesday:  Grilled steak salad and flat bread

Thursday:  chicken stir fry

Friday:  tacos

Saturday:  Oriental chicken salad

The workout plan for the week:

Monday:  HIIT elliptical and circuit training

Tuesday:  walk

Wednesday:  HIIT elliptical and circuit training

Thursday:  walk

Friday:  rest day

Saturday:  Boise Women’s Classic 10K




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