Food Prep Sunday July 26

26 07 2015

Yes, once again it’s Food Prep Sunday.  This Sunday I only prepped a little bit.  I washed grapes and raspberries, and cut up strawberries.  image

I like fresh fruit really well, and everything’s so yummy during the summer.

I cut up cucumbers last night, as I was cutting a cuke up for dinner.  I have some things left from last week and will finish those off before I cut up anything else.  I have all kinds of things to eat this week, mainly things that didn’t get consumed last week.

For dinner, we grilled steaks and they were yummy.  Hubster grilled extra steak at my request, and we’ll have grilled steak sandwiches one day this week and grilled steak salad one day.  I imagine we will have some leftovers as well.

What a great day today was.  Hubster and I mowed the lawn and cleaned house yesterday.  We usually clean house on Saturdays and mow the lawn on Sunday, but we did it all yesterday.  That meant we had a day off today.  It was awesome.  We went to a QiGong class this morning and it was a very excellent half hour.  I was kind of surprised it was just a half hour, but it was relaxing and nice.  I tend to focus on breathing and movement and can’t reconcile the two.  I get frustrated with it, but there it is.  I was able to do a fair amount of inhaling and exhaling and moving at the same time.

Hubster stayed in the class and did 45 minutes of Tai Chi.  I went out and did circuit training.  I liked it.  Then we went to the grocery store and got supplies for the week.

Here’s the meal list for the week:

Monday:  Bite sized chicken teriyaki, rice, steamed carrots

Tuesday:  Leftovers

Wednesday:  Grilled steak sandwiches

Thursday:  beef stir fry

Friday:  goulash

Saturday:  grilled steak and flatbread

Workout plan for the week:

Monday:  HIIT on elliptical

Tuesday:  treadmill and circuit

Wednesday:  HIIT

Thursday:  walk outside

Friday:  circuit and cardio

Saturday:  90 minute walk

I am doing a couple of challenges this week on MFP:

Log my food every day, and stay under my calories for the day

pre log my food 4 days

Drink and log water for three days





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