Food Prep Sunday August 2

2 08 2015

I worked really hard today on the food prep thing. First I made two sets of mini frittatas:  Mushroom for me and green onion/red pepper for Hubster.  He can’t abide fungus.  I don’t particularly like red pepper.  20150712_16234020150712_165648

I roasted some chickpeas for a chicken power bowl later in the week.  I think they came out well. I don’t have a whole lot.

wpid-20150802_195945.jpgHubster grilled a bunch of chicken breasts for dinner.  We’ll eat them for at least three more meals.  I made fried rice with leftover rice, which we freeze in prep for making fried rice.  I also boiled some eggs.  It is going to be a good week. wpid-20150802_195004.jpg

wpid-20150802_195149.jpg cut up a bunch of veggies. Carrot sticks and celery sticks. Green peppers. Three jars of salad.  Two jars of washed and prepped spinach. A jar of cut up green onion for later recipes. Washed grape tomatoes.  Washed sugar snap peas.  No reason at all to not eat all my fruits and veggies this week.  I am going for a minimum of 7 servings a day.

Also, cut up strawberries.  I paid a lot for these and they look like crap.  They don’t have much smell.  I’ll eat them but shouldn’t have bought them this week.  They are definitely out of season now. Sigh.  Sigh.  Sigh.    wpid-20150802_195357.jpg

What is this, you say?  This is what’s left of my first attempt to make homemade ice cream.  I think I now have every possible attachment for my Kitchen Aid except for the pasta maker, which I won’t buy.

wpid-20150802_195724.jpg I love, love, love homemade granola and was just about out, so I made some more today.  Too. much. yum.


I am planning on moving a lot more this week. I slacked big time last week. I’m doing some challenges and need to step up my game.

Here’s the exercise plan:

Monday:  HIIT elliptical

Tuesday:  treadmill and circuit

Wednesday:  HIIT treadmill

Thursday:  walk Greenbelt (or rest day)

Friday:  elliptical and circuit

Saturday:  90 minute walk on Greenbelt

Here’s the meal plan:

Monday:  Asian beef noodles

Tuesday:  chicken power bowl

Wednesday:  hamburgers

Thursday:  chicken wraps

Friday:  Taco salad

Saturday:  baked ziti

Sunday:  grilled London broil





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