Food Prep Sunday August 15

16 08 2015

Easy food prep day, just took about 45 minutes.  From top left:  sliced cucumbers, green grapes, raspberries, quinoa, hard boiled eggs, blueberries, cauliflower, sliced strawberries. image

Next week Hubster’s summer ends, so I’ll have to make some more breakfast and lunch items.

This week felt really busy with lots of good exercise and some really good meals. I did the Idaho Wine Run 10K yesterday, and was shocked by how difficult the hills were. The air quality isn’t great here in my neck of the woods. I smelled of smoke when I got home. But with Hubster’s help, we got most of the grocery shopping done yesterday as well as the housework and serious napping.

This week’s plan, as far as exercise:
Monday: bike to work and back, bike lunch, HIIT elliptical
Tuesday: circuit and treadmill
Weds: HIIT treadmill
Thursday: day off
Friday: circuit and elliptical
Saturday: hour walk
Sunday: QiGong and circuit

For food:
Monday: crock pot roast and potatoes
Tuesday: leftover skillet supper
Weds: French dip
Thursday: Hamburgers
Friday: chicken stir fry
Saturday: quesadillas
Sunday: grilled chicken

I am doing challenges on MyFitnessPal and this week’s big challenge is to eat a new fruit or veggie. Huh. I’ll have to think about that.




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