Sleep Hygiene Challenge

20 09 2015

I am starting this tonight. Tomorrow, 9/21, is the 265th day of the year, so there are 100 days left.
I am going to overcome my insomnia. I am going to practice good sleep hygiene for 100 days.

Here are steps to good sleep hygiene from several websites:
1. Establish a regular bedtime routine. This is one I try to do but have failed at. I am going to get this done.
2. Exercise regularly. Done.
3. Eat healthy. In progress.
4. Don’t eat too close to bedtime.
5. Avoid caffeine and nicotine close to bedtime. I will be watching for this. I don’t use nicotine but I have been known to ingest chocolate and soda later in the day
6. Avoid alcohol before bedtime. Done
7. Practice relaxation techniques before bedtime.

8. Keep electronics out of the bedroom. This is hard for me. I need to turn off electronics at least a half hour before bedtime, except of course for the hypnosis tapes I will be listening to most nights.

So, here are my goal for the 100 days:
1. Take melatonin dose by 9 pm and other meds
2. Computer and TV off by 10 pm
3. Read or take a bubble bath
4. Lights out by 11 pm
5. Hypnosis tape every night at least 5 nights a week
6. Wear Fit Bit every night
7. Out of bed by 630 am

I am going to have to take some of these in babysteps. This week, I am going to have lights out by 1130 pm, and out of bed by 730 am. I will get electronics off by 10 pm.

I will do this.




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