Food prep and steps, Oct 25 2015

26 10 2015

I did a LOT of food prep this Sunday.  It felt like I cooked all day long.  And I washed four loads of dishes into the dishwasher.  (Thank goodness for a dishwasher.)

I thought I’d provide some steps for one of the simple things I make.  I haven’t got a recipe to credit this, so my apologies if this is similar to your recipe.  I just throw these together.  These are bacon egg cheese breakfast burritos.

I cook five pieces of bacon in the oven, but didn’t take a picture of them.  20 minutes at 350 degrees gets them perfect for my taste.  You could have more bacon if you like, but I only had six pieces so I cooked them.

Okay, I cooked six and ate one.  I love bacon and I’m devastated at the WHO report that came out today.  But bacon’s really about the only processed meat I eat except for rare ham servings.

Next, I put 12 eggs in a mixing bowl (without shells), and added a cup of milk.  Whisked them with a whisk and poured them into a hot pan.  It wasn’t the prettiest scrambled egg mix, but it did the job.

If you like things in your scrambled eggs, feel free to add them.  Hubster and I like different things, so when I’m making something for us both to eat, I leave things out.  I love, love, love mushrooms in my omelets but Hubster hates them.  That kind of thing.

Then, I pulled off 10 pieces of aluminum foil and put tortillas on them all.


Next, I put bacon that I’d crumbled some on each tortilla.


I deliberately put the bacon down the middle. Then I added the scrambled eggs.  Doing all 10 at once made it much easier to evenly divide up the eggs. And lastly, I put two tablespoons of shredded sharp cheddar cheese over the eggs.  I used about a cup total for the 10 tortillas.


Next, I folded them. Bottom first.


Then one side and then the other.



It’s easier for me to flip them over before I fold the aluminum foil.


Then I fold the aluminum foil over the burrito, and reflect that I have WAY more aluminum foil than I need.  You can wrap them in plastic wrap.  We heat these in our toaster oven, so we use aluminum foil.


This is the lot of them.


I just throw them into the freezer for a few hours.


When I remember, I gather the frozen burritos into a ziploc freezer bag so they’re easier to find.

Voila!  We take one out the night before and put it in the fridge to thaw, then heat up in the toaster oven.  Or if we forget, we just heat it up in the toaster oven.

While I like these breakfast burritos just fine, I really like my mini frittatas with mushrooms, cheese, and eggs.


So yummy.  No bacon in these.

Hubster got some apples from a neighbor, and we had a bunch of apples in the fridge already, so we cut them all up and made:


Applesauce in the crock pot!  So very yummy.


We used Honeycrisps and Golden Delicious apples.

We also did this:


Apple pie filling.  This made six cups and smelled so very delish.  I hope it makes two pies 🙂

And then my usual for the week:

From top left:  steamed green beans, roasted chicken breast (dinner), cut up cauliflower, left over smashed potatoes, cut up green peppers, sliced cucumber, and grapes.


This week, we feast!  I will shred the chicken on Wednesday and make chicken gruyere turnovers.




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