31 01 2016



31 01 2016


Food Prep 2016-4

30 01 2016

Didn’t get pictures taken for Sunday’s food prep.  Except one.

Sunday, I made salads in jars, cut up cucumbers and peppers, and roasted a chicken for dinner.  It was delish.

And then on Monday, I made chicken broth from the leftover chicken bones and it was awesome.


30 01 2016


Food Prep 2016-3

17 01 2016

After a difficult and sad day (Seattle lost), I have finally completed my food prep for the week.

First, I cooked a roast in the crock pot for dinner. Hubster and I went to Qi Gong and he also does Tai Chi while I lift weights, as one slow moving, breathing class is more than enough for me. It does, however, give me focus and relaxation and is a great start for the week.  The leftover slices are in the picture, bottom middle.  I will use those slices to have a French dip meal later in the week, and will freeze any leftovers with bbq sauce for sandwiches for Hubster.

From bottom left:  Baked Potato soup for Monday’s dinner, pot roast, sliced cauliflower, green pepper, celery sticks, cucumber, and chopped baby carrots for stew for Tuesday and a dish on Thursday.  I cooked and diced a chicken breast (top left) and made three salads in jars:  two chicken club salads and one original salad.

It is going to be a very busy week, with two all day study visits and two clinic days.  I also bought sliced deli meat for Hubster and myself, something I rarely do.  But it is going to be ONE OF THOSE WEEKS.  Know what I mean?

I bought myself a FitBit Aria scale and it’s awesome.  I spent some time today getting it set up.  I am committed to getting some weight off this year again, as I have an event to attend in May.  It is 16.5 weeks away.  I think it’s entirely reasonable that I could lose 16 pounds.  To that end, I hereby pledge to continue with Food Prep Sundays and keep my exercise schedule as is–5 days a week.  Hubster and I attend the gym on Sundays, Wednesdays, and are adding Fridays (well, substituting Fridays for Mondays).  I go by myself on Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday.

This week, I pledge to eat 5 servings of fruits and veggies, no matter what it takes.  I pledge to keep my calories around 1500.  I went over today, but I was so very active and so hungry.  I have snacks already to go for tomorrow and am eager to eat well.

I am going to get my electronics shut down now and read for a half hour before bed.  Good night, all.

Food prep 2016-2

13 01 2016

Ohhhh, mini omelets, how I love thee.

You make my mornings so very easy. So easy. Just nuke a couple of these for about 30 seconds and they’re toasty warm and oh so good. Mushroom and cheese for me, green onions and red pepper for Hubster.

I didn’t take pictures of the rest of the food prep because it wasn’t really very appealing visually.  I roasted some chicken in the oven and cut it up.  I made quinoa and cut up veggies.  I’ll be eating several meals worth of quinoa, chicken, tomatoes, cucumbers, and green peppers.  Yummy!  With a little twist of lemon one day, and who knows what next!

Lunch Monday was leftover quesadillas with hamburger and cheese, cucumbers, green peppers, tomatoes, and sour cream.  Very, very tasty.

Lunch Tuesday was a rush, and I splurged in the cafeteria on grilled cheese and tater tots.  I have to be very careful with this amount of fat, though…it goes right through me.  I can almost set my watch by it.

Today I had the quinoa and chicken, but was heartsick to find I’d left my tasty mixings behind.  They’ll be there tomorrow!

It’s a rush week, with lots of study visits and one long all day one.  I’m still at work on Weds. evening, in fact.  Not to complain.  I had a Zen Bento for dinner and will be full until tomorrow.

Tomorrow’s big chore is going to be weighing in for the St Luke’s Weight Loss Challenge.  I participated last year and lost 6% of my body weight, which makes me eligible to enter this year for a share of the “keep it off” challenge. Wish me luck!



Food Prep Sunday #2016-1

3 01 2016


It’s a little hard to get everything into one picture, but I did my best!  I spent a lot of time today on food prep.  The jars contain homemade granola (oh! so good!).  The top shows two kinds of sweet potato banana bites, one with mini chocolate chips.  I have fresh raspberries (I know I shouldn’t buy them out of season but they looked SO good!).  I have two large containers of cut up cucumbers and green peppers.  I have celery sticks and baby carrots.  I have grape tomatoes and shredded lettuce, ready to be made into a salad.

And I have halos in a bowl on the table, encouraging me to eat one.

It took about two and a half hours, which included cleaning out the fridge so I could have a spot for all this bounty!  But I have a week’s worth of veggies, which is awesome.  And sweet potato bites will help with veggie/fruit intake as they are very tasty.  Here’s a better picture with them:


They are mini muffin sized and delish. I got the recipe from The Lean Green Bean. Check her website out at wwww.theleangreenbean.com. She has lots of fab ideas.

Menu for the week:
M: Skillet supper (stir fry celery, green peppers, and beef)
T: Crock pot chilic
W: Spaghetti
T: Chicken tenders
S: Beef stuffed shells
S: Chicken and rice

Workouts for the week:

M:  Yoga (depending on work schedule)

T:  HIIT treadmill

W:  Circuit

Th:  off

F:  HIIT treadmill

Sat:  walk

Sun:  Qi Gong and circuit

At least 150 minutes of exercise this week is the goal.


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