Food Prep Sunday #2016-1

3 01 2016


It’s a little hard to get everything into one picture, but I did my best!  I spent a lot of time today on food prep.  The jars contain homemade granola (oh! so good!).  The top shows two kinds of sweet potato banana bites, one with mini chocolate chips.  I have fresh raspberries (I know I shouldn’t buy them out of season but they looked SO good!).  I have two large containers of cut up cucumbers and green peppers.  I have celery sticks and baby carrots.  I have grape tomatoes and shredded lettuce, ready to be made into a salad.

And I have halos in a bowl on the table, encouraging me to eat one.

It took about two and a half hours, which included cleaning out the fridge so I could have a spot for all this bounty!  But I have a week’s worth of veggies, which is awesome.  And sweet potato bites will help with veggie/fruit intake as they are very tasty.  Here’s a better picture with them:


They are mini muffin sized and delish. I got the recipe from The Lean Green Bean. Check her website out at She has lots of fab ideas.

Menu for the week:
M: Skillet supper (stir fry celery, green peppers, and beef)
T: Crock pot chilic
W: Spaghetti
T: Chicken tenders
S: Beef stuffed shells
S: Chicken and rice

Workouts for the week:

M:  Yoga (depending on work schedule)

T:  HIIT treadmill

W:  Circuit

Th:  off

F:  HIIT treadmill

Sat:  walk

Sun:  Qi Gong and circuit

At least 150 minutes of exercise this week is the goal.





One response

4 01 2016

Tonight I went to the Y and did the elliptical instead of yoga. I just can’t seem to get to the Y in time for beginning yoga. Will try again.

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