Food Prep 2016-3

17 01 2016

After a difficult and sad day (Seattle lost), I have finally completed my food prep for the week.

First, I cooked a roast in the crock pot for dinner. Hubster and I went to Qi Gong and he also does Tai Chi while I lift weights, as one slow moving, breathing class is more than enough for me. It does, however, give me focus and relaxation and is a great start for the week.  The leftover slices are in the picture, bottom middle.  I will use those slices to have a French dip meal later in the week, and will freeze any leftovers with bbq sauce for sandwiches for Hubster.

From bottom left:  Baked Potato soup for Monday’s dinner, pot roast, sliced cauliflower, green pepper, celery sticks, cucumber, and chopped baby carrots for stew for Tuesday and a dish on Thursday.  I cooked and diced a chicken breast (top left) and made three salads in jars:  two chicken club salads and one original salad.

It is going to be a very busy week, with two all day study visits and two clinic days.  I also bought sliced deli meat for Hubster and myself, something I rarely do.  But it is going to be ONE OF THOSE WEEKS.  Know what I mean?

I bought myself a FitBit Aria scale and it’s awesome.  I spent some time today getting it set up.  I am committed to getting some weight off this year again, as I have an event to attend in May.  It is 16.5 weeks away.  I think it’s entirely reasonable that I could lose 16 pounds.  To that end, I hereby pledge to continue with Food Prep Sundays and keep my exercise schedule as is–5 days a week.  Hubster and I attend the gym on Sundays, Wednesdays, and are adding Fridays (well, substituting Fridays for Mondays).  I go by myself on Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday.

This week, I pledge to eat 5 servings of fruits and veggies, no matter what it takes.  I pledge to keep my calories around 1500.  I went over today, but I was so very active and so hungry.  I have snacks already to go for tomorrow and am eager to eat well.

I am going to get my electronics shut down now and read for a half hour before bed.  Good night, all.




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