Was frustrated with myself, now calling myself to action

9 04 2016

I’ve been really frustrated with myself for the past several weeks. I have started and stopped many blog posts about this, and have decided I can’t complain without also making a plan. Otherwise I’m just whining: “I have no energy, I can’t do whatever.” So here’s my blog post about things I do that I feel are negative or a barrier to living the life I most want to live.

1. Frustration:
I go to bed way too late at night, usually around midnight. And then the insomnia kicks in and I can’t get to sleep. I wake up an hour later than I plan, and get to work an hour later than planned (unless I have meetings first thing, then I’m on time.) If I get to work late, then I feel obligated to stay late, and then everything else gets off track and then I’m up late.

Work harder on good sleep hygiene. Turn off electronics at 10 pm, and read for a while. Don’t do chores after 10 pm. No excuses for not turning things off! Farmville will still be there in the morning! Take a bath if inspired to do so. Read in the bedroom and not in the family room, so electronic temptation is gone.

I don’t have very much energy.

Fix: Sleep hygiene. Eat more protein at breakfast. Eat at least 5 servings of fruits and veggies a day.

I buy things and then don’t use them.

Fix: Multi-faceted. Quit buying things that I don’t need. Use the things I do have. Make time to do a float at least once a month. Quit buying things I don’t need to eat, such as sweets. Don’t buy more than we need (such as fruit), and use what we do buy.

Frustration: I don’t buy things that I do need.

Fix: Make a goal to buy things at least once a month. I know I don’t want to buy a lot until I lose weight, but there are things I need right now. I need new running shoes, new underthings, and all that. Know that I am worth the effort.

Frustration: I am not losing weight.

Fix: Join Best U (done) and attend 13 more classes and workouts. Weigh in at least once a week. Track food daily. Eat less processed stuff and more fruits and veggies. Keep drinking water. Take care of yourself: Make mammogram appointment. Make yearly appointment.

Make a list of things that needs to be done, and do them, one at a time. 15 minutes at a time.

Declutter the home, just like I have my office. There’s a lot of psychic weight here that needs to be released. I need to blog my progress daily or every other daily. I need to focus on things that make me happy.




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