Food Prep July 18, 2016

17 07 2016

I’ve been doing much better on food prep, and planning has become easier as well. I use for menu planning, and it’s gotten far easier to just add meal prep items to Sunday.

I made a bunch of salads.  Here are two BLT salads (bacon, tomatoes, and lettuce) and two taco salads (cukes, tomatoes, lettuce, and I’ll add meat and cheese on the day I eat them).  The jar on the far right contains spinach, washed and ready to eat.

20160717_192758 (1)

The other two salads are just regular salads:  carrots, red cabbage, tomatoes, and lettuce. I used romaine lettuce today, and I hope I’ll get some mixed greens when I pick up my CSA tomorrow.

I did a lot of cutting up fruit today as I cut up a watermelon, and I washed two types of grapes and cherries.

More fruit and veggies and from top left:  hard boiled eggs, cut up strawberries, cauliflower, veggies for Weds dinner (cauliflower, carrots, broccoli), green peppers, cucumbers, and washed raspberries.


Tomorrow I will pick up my CSA also, and hope I get really tasty things in it as I have been getting. I have to fix things up the day I get them or they don’t get eaten. Is there anything better than produce freshly picked? I don’t think so.




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