Meal prep Sunday –First Sunday of Advent 2016

27 11 2016

Hope everyone had a really fabulous Thanksgiving. Hubster and I don’t do much for the holiday. We aren’t big turkey fans, and our kids live hundreds of miles away. So we go out to a restaurant and spend the day watching football. I walk a 5K in the morning.

Hubster had the week off and got things moving along really well with the family room remodel. We are just waiting for the new patio door to be installed, next weekend hopefully! And then we can put stuff back into this room and get it ready for the holidays.

So nice to have a four day weekend. We really got a lot done. And of course, that includes food prep.

We didn’t get to the grocery store until after our workout this morning. I really enjoy going grocery shopping with the Hubster. It just goes so much quicker.

This afternoon, I made wild rice for wild rice and spinach salads. I cooked a lot of extra chicken when making tonight’s stir fry, and added chicken to the salad. Then I made salads.

Here’s what’s on the menu for the week:

Monday–beef stroganof
Tuesday–slow cooker chili
Wednesday–taco salad
Friday–beef teriyaki
Saturday–beef and barley soup (unless we have more leftovers to eat)
Sunday–baked chicken breasts

On Saturday, I made mac and beef. I have several blocks of ground beef frozen into 2 lb blocks, so I cooked one of them up for that dinner. I’ll use much of it for Tuesday’s chili and Wednesday’s taco salad. It is in the fridge, sealed in a mason jar.

This afternoon, I cooked wild rice. I’ve never made it before, but it looks yummy. I made white rice on a pot on the stove tonight for dinner, and liked it much better than my usual. I found I’ve been putting too much water in it to cook and it’s been coming out gloppy. Not tonight.

Dinner tonight was a chicken stir fry with toasted slivered almonds. Since I was chopping, I cut up extras for salads. I cut up carrots for the stir fry and salads, and broccoli for stir fry and also Friday’s meal. I cut up celery for celery sticks, and washed lettuce and spinach for salads. I cut up a lot of chicken and cooked it for the stir fry and more.

Putting the salads together took very little time.

The spinach/wild rice salad is chicken, grape tomatoes, romaine lettuce, spinach, and pomegranate arials. Oh, that’s what I did this afternoon–seeded two pomegranates while watching football.

After dinner, I dished up the leftovers into two beautiful meals. We also have some wonderful mac and beef leftovers.

Things I need to accomplish this week:
Take towels to Simply Cats
figure out what birthday gifts for Ninja, wrap, get card, and mail (by Saturday)
Package up things to donate to Idaho Youth Ranch
Put things back onto bookcase -start with CD’s
Gas up car
Start January menu
Get Costco list done
Grocery shopping for the weekend
Ask kids what they’d like to drink over the holidays
Ride bus once

Workout plan
M-Elliptical or yoga
W-HIIT treadmill
S-3 mile walk

It’s going to be a good week. Onward.




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