Food prep Sunday 12 Feb

12 02 2017

It’s been a day of food prep and learning new skills.  I am not taking pictures, though, as I think you know what a roasted chicken looks like.

I roasted a chicken for dinner and it smells divine.  It will feed us at least one more dinner, and probably a lunch or two.

I cut up celery sticks.

I made quinoa and hard boiled eggs.

I made four smoothies for the freezer, and froze some half and half that we weren’t using as quickly as I thought we would.  Would rather freeze it than throw it away.

I roasted vegetables for dinner:  carrots, cauliflower, and asparagus.  So delish.  I thought I’d have leftovers, but it was so good that I ate two servings. I do have cauliflower cut up for later.

I figured out how to use my new food processor, and made lovely carrot circles for roasting.  I also shredded green and red cabbage in the food processor, and grated carrots.  We had Chinese last night, so we’ve got two lunches for leftovers.

I’ll make an Asian quinoa salad for three lunches, as I have a lovely quantity of the ingredients.

I just realized that I’ve pretty much got everything cleaned up, and I don’t have the potatoes and carrots cut up for Tuesday’s crock pot beef stew.  It shouldn’t take much time, though, so I’ll do them tomorrow night.  There’s not much room in the fridge due to my stock up of yummy yogurts today.

Plus, I finally won at Ibotta.  It’s an app, and you save money at the grocery store with it (and other stores).  I saved $2.75 (well, for rebates) and got an extra $4 in bonuses.  Sweet!  Sign up for Ibotta and use my referral code:  efnm9w and we’ll both get rewards.

Tomorrow will be a busy day.

I need to:  pick up form for husband

get some serious stuff done at work:  finish charting, get equipment out of my office, put things out for CE to check.  Then after work, circuit and home for hamburgers.  After dinner, cut up carrots and potatoes and get stew meat out of the deep freeze.  And make a small chocolate cake.






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