No food prep Mother’s Day 2017

14 05 2017

No food prep for today.
We actually bought meals from Hello Fresh some time ago, and our delivery was delayed by UPS.  I complained, and Hello Fresh gave us a free week.  I highly recommend the customer service.

However, it took a bit to find a week of meals that I liked.  Last week was that week.  We got our first (and last) deliver last Weds.  We made two of the three meals already, with the third one coming Monday.  So no need to food prep for dinner that day.

We also have plenty of leftovers from last week, so there wasn’t a big need for food prep.

I do need to cut up some strawberries.  But that is truly about all I needed to do.

So here’s the week plan:

Monday:  panko chicken from Hello Fresh

Tuesday: leftovers

Wednesday:  steak and noodles

Thursday:  leftovers

Friday Taco salad

Saturday:  teriyaki chicken bowls



Monday:  cycle  (post for Ilvermony points)

Tuesday:  walk

Weds:  Circuit  and video:

Thurs:  walk

Fri:  elliptical

Sat:  walk

Sun:  qi gong and circuit





Food prep and week plan May 7

7 05 2017

It’s a beautiful May day here, and we’ve been busy.

On Sundays, we try to go to QiGong, and we went today.  Good thing, because the instructor is taking a leave this summer and we’ve only got two more weeks of QiGong until fall.

Then Hubster does Tai Chi, and I do the circuit.  We come home, eat lunch, and then mow the lawn.

After all that, I do meal prep for the week, and planning for the week as well.

I have pretty much quit taking pictures of my food prep, as it seems that I make the same thing over and over.  Ah well.

Today, I cut up celery and carrots for sticks.  I cooked a lot of chicken for dinner, and made two chicken broccoli cups (chicken, broccoli, shredded carrot, and chopped pecan in a yogurt/ranch dressing.  I made tomorrow’s lunch from last night’s leftovers.  I have a lot of chicken to make dinner on Wednesday, which for me is the goal of meal prep.

I made two meat loaves.  Hubster likes meat loaf.  I don’t, but I like him, so I make him what he likes.  One’s in the fridge ready for the crock pot on Tuesday, and one’s in the freezer for later.

I made homemade granola.  So very tasty, and it makes the house smell so very good.

This week is going to be a normal week at work. I have one monitor visit, and no study visits planned.  It’s a good thing.

Here’s the workout plan:
Monday-walk and 3 sets of Ilvermony workout

Tuesday-yoga with cats at Simply Cats

Wednesday-circuit and elliptical




Sunday-qi gong and circuit

For Ilvermony, I need to do 3 hours of relaxing things (I have crocheting to do), eat a rainbow of foods, get 10 miles in walking, and declutter a room along with untangling a bunch of book titles.

Food for the week:

Monday-beef skillet supper

Tuesday-crock pot meatloaf

Weds-chicken and noodles




Sun-dinner out


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