Food prep and week plan May 7

7 05 2017

It’s a beautiful May day here, and we’ve been busy.

On Sundays, we try to go to QiGong, and we went today.  Good thing, because the instructor is taking a leave this summer and we’ve only got two more weeks of QiGong until fall.

Then Hubster does Tai Chi, and I do the circuit.  We come home, eat lunch, and then mow the lawn.

After all that, I do meal prep for the week, and planning for the week as well.

I have pretty much quit taking pictures of my food prep, as it seems that I make the same thing over and over.  Ah well.

Today, I cut up celery and carrots for sticks.  I cooked a lot of chicken for dinner, and made two chicken broccoli cups (chicken, broccoli, shredded carrot, and chopped pecan in a yogurt/ranch dressing.  I made tomorrow’s lunch from last night’s leftovers.  I have a lot of chicken to make dinner on Wednesday, which for me is the goal of meal prep.

I made two meat loaves.  Hubster likes meat loaf.  I don’t, but I like him, so I make him what he likes.  One’s in the fridge ready for the crock pot on Tuesday, and one’s in the freezer for later.

I made homemade granola.  So very tasty, and it makes the house smell so very good.

This week is going to be a normal week at work. I have one monitor visit, and no study visits planned.  It’s a good thing.

Here’s the workout plan:
Monday-walk and 3 sets of Ilvermony workout

Tuesday-yoga with cats at Simply Cats

Wednesday-circuit and elliptical




Sunday-qi gong and circuit

For Ilvermony, I need to do 3 hours of relaxing things (I have crocheting to do), eat a rainbow of foods, get 10 miles in walking, and declutter a room along with untangling a bunch of book titles.

Food for the week:

Monday-beef skillet supper

Tuesday-crock pot meatloaf

Weds-chicken and noodles




Sun-dinner out




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