No food prep Mother’s Day 2017

14 05 2017

No food prep for today.
We actually bought meals from Hello Fresh some time ago, and our delivery was delayed by UPS.  I complained, and Hello Fresh gave us a free week.  I highly recommend the customer service.

However, it took a bit to find a week of meals that I liked.  Last week was that week.  We got our first (and last) deliver last Weds.  We made two of the three meals already, with the third one coming Monday.  So no need to food prep for dinner that day.

We also have plenty of leftovers from last week, so there wasn’t a big need for food prep.

I do need to cut up some strawberries.  But that is truly about all I needed to do.

So here’s the week plan:

Monday:  panko chicken from Hello Fresh

Tuesday: leftovers

Wednesday:  steak and noodles

Thursday:  leftovers

Friday Taco salad

Saturday:  teriyaki chicken bowls



Monday:  cycle  (post for Ilvermony points)

Tuesday:  walk

Weds:  Circuit  and video:

Thurs:  walk

Fri:  elliptical

Sat:  walk

Sun:  qi gong and circuit






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