Summertime and the food prep is easy

4 06 2017

Hubster is off for the summer, for the most part.  Hubster is a teacher, and the kids are done until August.  He, however, has to do a bunch of stuff this week as well as training here and there in the summer.

So what does that mean for food prep?
It means that I don’t have to food prep for lunches for Hubster.  It means that I am going to switch around our food plan for the summer completely.

Instead of slow cooker Tuesdays, we’re going to have slow cooker Sundays.

Instead of grilled or baked meat on Sundays, we’re going to grill a couple of times during the week.

I have a couple of really wonderful slow cooker cookbooks that I used a while ago and set aside.  They are called The French slow cooker and the Italian slow cooker, by Michele Sciolone.  I highly recommend them.  I will be making some wonderful, garlicky chicken soon.

I didn’t do any food prep today.  We had take out Chinese yesterday, and there’s plenty for several lunches.  We have leftover spaghetti from Friday, which will do for a lunch or two.  We had pot roast tonight, and that’ll make at least one dinner also (French dip).

I had a bunch of carrot sticks made already, and tomorrow we’ll have tacos.  It’ll be awesome.  It’ll also make some nice leftovers.

We’re actually going out a couple of times this week.  One night, we’ll be attending the showing of The Princess Bride.  One night, we’re attending an awards dinner.

This has actually complicated my workout plan for the week, but I shall persevere.

Here’s what the week looks like.

Monday:  taco salad

Tuesday:  leftovers

Weds:  unknown (pizza?  pot roast leftovers?)

Thurs:  steak

Fri:  French dip

Sat:  hamburgers

For workouts:

Monday:  elliptical

Tuesday:  walk

Weds:  circuit training (early in the day if possible, or leave work early and do it)

Thursday:  walk (early in the day)

Friday:  bicycle

Saturday:  walk at Great Strides

Sunday:  circuit and mow lawn



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