Food Prep Sunday 7/23

23 07 2017

Food prep was quick and easy today.  We had the pleasure of having lunch with family today at Red Robin, and that really filled us up (Hubster and me).   So our dinner became very light.  We had goulash.

I did, however, spend about a half hour cutting up celery, carrots, green peppers, strawberries, and cantaloupe for the week.  Some of the veggies will be featured in dinners this week, and some will be eaten for lunches.


From top left:  green peppers, tomatoes, and cuke spears for tomorrow’s lunches, two lunches of hard boiled egg, cheese curds, and cut up veggies, green peppers, strawberries, celery and carrot sticks, cut up snap peas, sliced carrots, and cut up cantaloupe.  20170723_193254

It’s not going to be a bad week, but my gosh, I really need a study visit or two or ten.

Dinners for the week:
Monday: Yakisoba noodles with steak/snap peas/carrots
Tuesday: leftovers
Wednesday: hamburgers
Thursday: leftovers
Friday: grilled chicken
Saturday: Quesadillas
Sunday: beef broccoli in the crock pot

Monday: HIIT treadmill and circuit
Tuesday: elliptical
Wednesday: HIIT treadmill and circuit
Thursday: cycle
Friday: HIIT treadmill
Saturday: walk
Sunday: circuit

Things to do this week: Catch up on afghans, find a roofer, and put things back into the family room.




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