Food prep 8/6/2017

7 08 2017

No pictures this time. I feel like I take the same pictures of the same meals at the same week and it’s frankly getting kind of boring.
However, I did do food prep this week.
I cut up celery sticks, green peppers, and strawberries. So much yum.
We had grilled steak for dinner on Sunday, and that will feed us for at least two more meals–one dinner and maybe a lunch or two.
We had grilled chicken for dinner on Saturday, and have leftovers that may be one more meal.
We got a watermelon, but it just isn’t that good. Overripe, but tasteless as the same time. Definitely going to have to go back to the farmer’s market.
I prepped three very easy lunches: havarti cheese, celery and carrot sticks with a smidge of ranch for dressing, and grapes. The grapes we bought this week were de-lish-ous.

Here’s the week ahead menu:
Monday–beef stroganoff
Weds–grilled steak sandwiches
Saturday–taco salad
Sunday–roasted chicken in the slow cooker

Tuesday-bike and circuit
Fri–long treadmill
Sun-bike or elliptical

The air quality is very bad. My eyes are streaming and I have zero energy. So we’ll see what is going to get done.




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