Meal prep Sunday –First Sunday of Advent 2016

27 11 2016

Hope everyone had a really fabulous Thanksgiving. Hubster and I don’t do much for the holiday. We aren’t big turkey fans, and our kids live hundreds of miles away. So we go out to a restaurant and spend the day watching football. I walk a 5K in the morning.

Hubster had the week off and got things moving along really well with the family room remodel. We are just waiting for the new patio door to be installed, next weekend hopefully! And then we can put stuff back into this room and get it ready for the holidays.

So nice to have a four day weekend. We really got a lot done. And of course, that includes food prep.

We didn’t get to the grocery store until after our workout this morning. I really enjoy going grocery shopping with the Hubster. It just goes so much quicker.

This afternoon, I made wild rice for wild rice and spinach salads. I cooked a lot of extra chicken when making tonight’s stir fry, and added chicken to the salad. Then I made salads.

Here’s what’s on the menu for the week:

Monday–beef stroganof
Tuesday–slow cooker chili
Wednesday–taco salad
Friday–beef teriyaki
Saturday–beef and barley soup (unless we have more leftovers to eat)
Sunday–baked chicken breasts

On Saturday, I made mac and beef. I have several blocks of ground beef frozen into 2 lb blocks, so I cooked one of them up for that dinner. I’ll use much of it for Tuesday’s chili and Wednesday’s taco salad. It is in the fridge, sealed in a mason jar.

This afternoon, I cooked wild rice. I’ve never made it before, but it looks yummy. I made white rice on a pot on the stove tonight for dinner, and liked it much better than my usual. I found I’ve been putting too much water in it to cook and it’s been coming out gloppy. Not tonight.

Dinner tonight was a chicken stir fry with toasted slivered almonds. Since I was chopping, I cut up extras for salads. I cut up carrots for the stir fry and salads, and broccoli for stir fry and also Friday’s meal. I cut up celery for celery sticks, and washed lettuce and spinach for salads. I cut up a lot of chicken and cooked it for the stir fry and more.

Putting the salads together took very little time.

The spinach/wild rice salad is chicken, grape tomatoes, romaine lettuce, spinach, and pomegranate arials. Oh, that’s what I did this afternoon–seeded two pomegranates while watching football.

After dinner, I dished up the leftovers into two beautiful meals. We also have some wonderful mac and beef leftovers.

Things I need to accomplish this week:
Take towels to Simply Cats
figure out what birthday gifts for Ninja, wrap, get card, and mail (by Saturday)
Package up things to donate to Idaho Youth Ranch
Put things back onto bookcase -start with CD’s
Gas up car
Start January menu
Get Costco list done
Grocery shopping for the weekend
Ask kids what they’d like to drink over the holidays
Ride bus once

Workout plan
M-Elliptical or yoga
W-HIIT treadmill
S-3 mile walk

It’s going to be a good week. Onward.

Meal prep Sunday

13 11 2016

I haven’t posted for a while. I became tired of food prep, although I kept doing it. I just didn’t want to talk about it.

However, I now need a place to put my thoughts down about my planning. I haven’t yet found a good platform for this. I love, love, love, love Plan to Eat ( for planning menus for the month and making my grocery lists (it is SO awesome), and I can do freezer meal planning on it. I just haven’t yet figured out how to use it for meal prep planning. (I think I just need to add things like celery sticks to recipes, but more on that later).

Here’s the menu for the week:
Sunday–pot roast, roasted cauliflower and carrots, mashed or baked potatoes
Monday-skillet supper (stir fry beef with celery and green peppers)
Tuesday-leftovers (we have leftover quesadillas from Saturday, I deliberately made extras for the week ahead)
Wednesday–Marinated Ranch broiled chicken, some kind of starch, and steamed veggies (thinking about couscous)
Thursday–French dip sandwiches with leftover pot roast
Friday–Pan seared flat iron steak with baked potatoes
Saturday–creamy chicken wild rice soup in crock pot

Lunches: BLT salads times two for hubster and self, leftover quesadillas, broccoli and cheese soup (purchased, in fridge), sliced roast beef and baked potato with roasted veggies

Breakfast: Belvita biscuits daily. Smoothies (frozen strawberries, yogurt, milk) three times. Hard boiled eggs for protein.

Snacks: yogurt and granola, apple and yogurt, Trader Joe’s popcorn

So, today I need to:
Chop celery for Monday
Make celery sticks for week
Peel and slice carrots for roasted veggies
Cut up cauliflower for roasted veggies
peel and cook sweet potatoes for lunch/dinner
Make 2 BLT salads–cook bacon (done), wash and spin dry lettuce, wash cherry tomatoes, assemble
Cook one small chicken breast for chicken BLT salad–assemble as above
When roast is done, slice completely for meals later in week
Bake potatoes for Friday (2), for lunches (2), and for dinner tonight (1?)
Boil eggs (six to eight)
Make packets for smoothies (times 3) and freeze two, leave one in fridge for tomorrow
snack veggies: celery sticks, baby carrots, and snap peas. Package.
Make an apple pie for dessert ūüôā

Workout plan for the week:
Tuesday–HIIT treadmill
Thursday–treadmill or walk outside
Friday–elliptical (or day off)
Saturday–3 miles on Greenbelt

Transportation plan:
Monday and Weds–drive car 2 miles to bus stop, take bus downtown, bus to stop, then off to Y
Tues, Thurs–drive

Food Prep July 18, 2016

17 07 2016

I’ve been doing much better on food prep, and planning has become easier as well. I use for menu planning, and it’s gotten far easier to just add meal prep items to Sunday.

I made a bunch of salads. ¬†Here are two BLT salads (bacon, tomatoes, and lettuce) and two taco salads (cukes, tomatoes, lettuce, and I’ll add meat and cheese on the day I eat them). ¬†The jar on the far right contains spinach, washed and ready to eat.

20160717_192758 (1)

The other two salads are just regular salads: ¬†carrots, red cabbage, tomatoes, and lettuce. I used romaine lettuce today, and I hope I’ll get some mixed greens when I pick up my CSA tomorrow.

I did a lot of cutting up fruit today as I cut up a watermelon, and I washed two types of grapes and cherries.

More fruit and veggies and from top left:  hard boiled eggs, cut up strawberries, cauliflower, veggies for Weds dinner (cauliflower, carrots, broccoli), green peppers, cucumbers, and washed raspberries.


Tomorrow I will pick up my CSA also, and hope I get really tasty things in it as I have been getting. I have to fix things up the day I get them or they don’t get eaten. Is there anything better than produce freshly picked? I don’t think so.

The fridge is full

4 07 2016

Thanks to food prep day.  The top shelf has spinach and a chicken club salad.  Yes, we drink box wine (or at least hubster does).

Second shelf has lots of greens, cherries, salads, quinoa omelette bites, strawberries, third shelf has hard boiled eggs and asian slaw.

Not pictured is the meat for the week, more chicken (from last night’s dinner) and steak from tonight.

We feast this week!

Food Prep planning

3 07 2016

Since we have a holiday tomorrow, I can leisurely plan food prep for tomorrow instead of trying to figure it out on the fly.

I only have to figure out four lunches for the week and the usual dinners.  Dinners are already planned thanks to

For breakfast, I think I will make quinoa omelette bites.

One lunch will be taco salad–leftover taco meat and olives, cucumber, tomato, lettuce, sour cream and chips.

Two lunches will be chicken club salads-chicken, bacon, tomato, lettuce, tomato, dressing.

Chicken Power Bowl for the last lunch (on Thursday)


Grilled steak and chicken, Monday  Sides:  Asian slaw and corn on the cob.

Leftovers, Tuesday (leftover slaw and chicken)

Goulash, Wednesday

Steak salad, Thursday with leftover steak.

Fried rice, Friday (use last of leftover chicken)

Hamburgers, Saturday

Beef Yakitori, Sunday


Chicken Power bowl:  roasted chick peas (do tomorrow), hard boiled egg, leftover chicken, spinach, and pistachios.  Need to hard boil one egg for this, and boil 5 more for protein treats.

Quinoa Omelette bites need some spinach, and cooked quinoa.

Prep three romaine lettuce hearts.

Should be a fairly easy prep day, except that I will get out my brand new spiralizer for the cole slaw.


Strengths and Weaknesses

19 06 2016

I took an online test to try to discover my strengths.  It was really interesting.  Per the test, my strengths are:

Faith (81%):

* Make efforts to discover your true passion and tie it to your work, no matter what you do.
* Align, but don’t compromise, your values to that of your organization.
* You respect others for learning about your family and community – give them the opportunity.
* You give more value to greater levels of service than more money – let others know this.
* People may not share your beliefs, but you feel they need to understand & respect – let them.

Balance (81%):

* You bring structure to chaotic situations – you don’t rest until order restored. Seek teams that need your help.
* Clutter will greatly annoy you – make every effort to enhance your organizational and planning systems.
* Always seek advance notice of deadlines, meetings, and project milestones.
* Surprises are distressing to you and can ruin your day – help others understand the way you operate.
* Actively take time out to prioritize your tasks and goals.
* Offer to help with time management and department processes.
* Continually work out possible outcome paths ahead of time to prepare for the unknowns.Curiosity (81%):

* Actively take on roles that require you to stay current in a fast moving field.
* Always stay hunting for a richer learning environment – the process keeps you energized.
* Track your learning progress and celebrate milestones along the way.
* Challenge yourself to be a resident expert or master of trade on a subject.
* Request to work beside someone who will continuously push you to learn more.
* Learn by teaching others – do discussion groups and presentations at work and in your community.
* Set aside money to support continued education, training, seminars, and e-learning.Teamwork (75%):

* You organize your life around your close relationships and should keep them in planning exercises.
* Don’t move around too much – you enjoy close, strong, genuine bonds and could be shaken up otherwise.
* Knowing people’s goals helps you bond with them – seek to find out more about the people you meet.
* You are loyal, place a high value on trust, and will not betray people – be the person people can come to.
* Build genuine trusting relationships with critical people you want around.
* Generosity is a strength – be aware, get noticed, and keep it up.Innovation (75%):

* Actively seek out positions where your ideas will be valued and encouraged.
* Be a designer, sales strategies, marketing guru, or customer service rep for new products and ideas.
* Search out and request ideas from others to stimulate your thinking.
* Constantly think of ideas that can improve businesses and the lives of others.
* You enjoy the power of words; punchy ideas stimulate your thinking – focus and play with this fact.
* For decisions, you need to know that everything fits together. Be aware and plan for decisions.
* If a decision seems to stand out as particularly bothersome, then check if it is an exception before worrying about it.

Your Remaining Results Are:

Optimism (69%):
Purpose (63%):
Integrity (63%):
Risk Taking (63%):
Leadership (63%):
Ambition (63%):
Determination (63%):
Communication (63%):
Self Motivation (50%):
Strategic Thinking (50%):
Visionary (50%):
Adaptability (50%):
Resourcefulness (50%):
Focus (44%):
Problem Solving (38%):

Your Bottom 1 Weakness Is:  Salesmanship

Food Prep April 24, 2016

24 04 2016

Food prep took forever today, or at least it felt like it did. However, when I reflect on it, it took about two and a half hours. I started out making a really yummy meal for tomorrow’s dinner, and since my recipe makes 12 servings, I portion it into three pans. Yummy, yummy lasagna. Two of them are in the freezer for later.

I made a new recipe for dinner, and although it seemed to be a recipe for two people, it made much more.  So I portioned it up for lunches and am excited. Chicken, asparagus, baby carrots, and rice.


While waiting for the water to boil for lasagna, I cut up strawberries that we just got at Costco. Ummmmm strawberries.  I also cut up a monster cantaloupe and washed a batch of grapes.

For veggies, I already had some carrots cut up, so I cut up green peppers and celery for stir fry later in the week, and for noms.

20160424_200213.jpghomemade fudge

Just need to input my food for the day and we’ll be all ready for bed. Good night friends.

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