Races 2017

1/1 New Year’s Run, 5K, the Ram Boise 10:00 57:52 on a very snowy/icy route on the Greenbelt. Plus I woke up with a streaming nose. Slowest 5K in a while, but fastest so far in 2017 🙂

1/7 Hot Cocoa Run, 5K, 1300, Eagle 1:06:57 on a very very snowy course (hard packed snow, ha!) It was hard going, and because of this I will NOT be doing Bruneau Beast this year.

Plus I ordered a set of Yak Trax.

5/6 Tutu Run 5K (pd)  55:33


7/8 Fit for Life 5K
7/18 Boise Women’s Classic 10K

8/19 Idaho Wine Run Harvest 10K

9/23 Fit One

10/21 Beer N Brats

11/2 NACFC (not a run)

12/17 Ho HO Hustle


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