Food Prep Sunday April 26

26 04 2015

Time for another Food Prep Sunday. I’ve been prepping most every Sunday but just haven’t been taking pictures.  Tonight I have several categories to show and share:

Category 1:  Protein.  From top left, mini frittatas with mushrooms (for me), sliced roast beef that was tonight’s dinner and will make at least one more appearance this week, chocolate chip energy bites, chopped turkey, and mini frittatas with salami, red pepper, and green onion. Don’t tell Hubster, but the frittatas also have chopped zucchini in them.  We got a couple of zucchini in last week’s produce deliver from Boise Milk.


In the category of vegetables, I have the following (from top left):  chopped cauliflower, sliced cucumbers, celery sticks, green peppers, and snap peas.  I realized that I have mostly green veggies this week, but when putting together tomorrow’s veggie container, I added grape tomatoes for color.


It’s been a while since I made  salads in a jar, so I had to do some for the week.  I have three quart and a half mason jars and one quart jar.  The salads are composed of:  chopped carrots, chopped cauliflower, chopped snap peas, some machas mix greens (I’m not sure that’s spelled right), and romaine lettuce.  I washed grape tomatoes and put them in jars and they’ll get eaten quickly this week.




Last but not least, the fruits of my labor.  I cut up a dozen apples and made applesauce in the crock pot.  Unfortunately or fortunately, we had some for dessert tonight, and I only have two small jars left.  I washed raspberries and cut up 2 lbs of strawberries




Hubster is getting lasagna tomorrow night for dinner, but he’ll have to heat it up. A few weeks ago I made three pans of it and froze two. Love doing this kind of meal prep.



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